Monday, April 24, 2017

Anabelle and Daddy Ad-veeeeen-tures! Yeah! *Jazz Hands* Day 16 –August 3

Drive In, Turn Off, Shut Down

Anabelle spent the day having a hoot and a half on the slip and slide at Grandma’s, mostly trying to get wet without getting muddy. Because she’s fancy.

The kids were offered the option of the lake…but loss of Up the Lake weighed heavily on every choice. Their decision to always stay in the sprinkler or hose again matched my inability to get up the energy to use the fire pit all summer.

I got in to work, ready for only the second day with the air conditioner fully operational again to find a very dark building.

The power was out for the whole block.

However, the emergency generators kept the Wi-Fi on, and I was pleased to discover my new work laptop had the “Crazy Long” option for battery life.

Just about everyone else in the building was sane enough to go home, or at least to another facility. 

Due to that solitude, I got an ASTONISHING amount of work done and was able to turn the test fixtures we were worried about back on when the power returned in the afternoon. 

It was for the best that I wasn't called upon to interact with anyone most of the day.

My biggest issue was all the coffee making equipment needed electricity. Given the size of the trucks needed to address the issue on the pole behind our building, I was afraid to leave for fear of being blocked out.

I didn't get my first cup until after 2pm, when one of the giant trucks did what was almost a kamikaze run up the grass between our facility and the one next door to reach the pole.

The tests pumping again, I packed up for the week and did some shopping errands on the way to Grandma’s.

We had dinner there, and watched Scooby Doo Meets Kiss for the second time, because that level of insanity deserves some sharing.

Anabelle and I went home, to spend some quality time missing Rosa again. We called her for a bit, and watched some more Chopped After Hours, since that’s the funniest one.

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