Monday, August 24, 2015

Short Treks Season Animated 1.5

“The Eye of the Beholder”
Air Date: “January 5, 1974
Mom Title: “Psychic Elephant Slugs”

Lieutenant Commander Arex gets the conn, but we don’t see him in the chair because his weird anatomy is incompatible with it.  And remember, the captain of a ship, no matter his rank must follow the book. You know - the book Kirk tells Spock to ignore because there’s no time for a scan.

The Captain revisits his, “Riskis our business” speech, before telling everyone to “travel light” by beaming down with all the stuff they usually bring.

On the planet is a sea monster, amazingly not made with reused animation from the “turned into a fish” episode.  There’s also a phaser absorbing land monster…whatever.

The primary antagonists are elephant slugs, who behave in an amazingly Talosian like manner.  (Same kind of punishment, keeping people in a “menagerie” etc.)

Crew moments highlighting their awesomeness:

Kirk and company bluff a telepathic race with a fake illness.

Spock finds them “strangely attractive.”  Sorry, Uhura.

Scotty manages to convince a mind reader with an IQ of 6000 to listen to him.

McCoy tastes water on a new planet before the tricorder analysis is complete.

“The Jihad”
Air Date: “January 12, 1974
Mom Title: “Space Heist”

A classic series thirdseason scenario, only Kirk and Spock are needed in this one.

Compressing time and wiping memory are Andromedan tricks.  That may explain why no one noticed the “Bird Man” has been on the three previous missions and was the only one to return alive.  Then again, Kirk and Spock were chosen for the mission not because of specific skills like everyone else, but basically because they are Kirk and Spock. 
They also trained in zero gravity “last week.”   I do believe they did notice the recurring Bird Man thread, and weaseled their way into the selection process.

This one’s really lumpy. It’s nice to see the mix of aliens but most don’t actually do anything. 
The Kzinti is correctly colored,
and writer David Gerrold voices the representative from the race of cowards. 
However, even the Lizard Guy points out the padding going on in the Suicide Squad like episode he’s appearing in.  They reuse the same flying creatures for the third time, which are mechanical instead of animal or plant.  Also they fill time showing the Enterprise in the commercial bumpers when the ship is nowhere near the story as it occurs.

The tracker woman answers an age old fandom question, how would Leela of the Sevateem interact with the Macho in a Can that is Captain Kirk, and handle snarking verbal combat with Mr. Spock.

Season one ended weakly, and the next season would only have six new episodes.

It’s something about the way animated series contracts used to work. Second seasons were minimal length to be added into the rotation of the existing stories.  Mark Evanier explained this in his awesomely amazing blog and pointed out it’s the reason it was financially better for studios to have shows cancelled and new ones picked up, than it was to have shows continue.

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