Monday, March 6, 2017

Anabelle and Daddy Ad-veeeeen-tures! Yeah! *Jazz Hands* Day 9 -July 27

Tacos Two’s Day Today

Work still had no air conditioning and the day ended with a conference call to our California group to allow me to explain our entire new risk analysis procedure to them.

Yeah, getting an office with a westerly facing window worked out great for those two hours with the door closed.  It was like a sauna, but with more Failure Modes.

Being with a similarly pre teenaged friend all day, their IPods were far too busy playing music videos for Anabelle to contact me.

I picked her up on the way, and brought her home for a snack before whisking her back out to summer dance class.

We had originally planned to recreate her “Anabelle and Daddy night” from when she was far teenier on a Wednesday night later in the summer.  Back then, Rosa would drop her off at work on a Wednesday, and I’d take her to a playground for a while. Then we’d hit Funnybooks  (the Comic Store) for new comics’ day, and have dinner at taco bell. 

She was a little big for the playground at this point, but even my cardiac diet can find a couple things at Taco Bell for a one off with my baby girl.

We were talking about when to go and decided due to rampant hunger that despite the time after late dance, “Twelve Hour New Comics Day” and “Eat Great, Even Late,” meant both places were open.

We talked to Funny Steve a bit; both grabbed some reading material, and got some faux-Mexican to go.

We enjoyed our old timey night with some more food shows, amidst a review of various sauce packs.  Being used to Heartbreaking Dawns 1489 Scorpion pepper sauce meant the new Diablo lacked the vavoom they advertised.

Not an overly ad-veeeeeen-tuuuure-ous day, but a sweet one.

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