Monday, May 22, 2017

Anabelle and Daddy Ad-veeeeen-tures! Yeah! *Jazz Hands* Day 20 –August 7

Movies Minecraft Meatloaf and Muscle-heads

Once more, ridiculous overdoing it led us to sleep in.  When Anabelle didn’t emerge after my considerable immobile period I checked.  She already woke up, but refused to face the world until she called Mami.  Clearly, the missing was starting to hit.

She calmed down by watching (what else) Chopped and having a leftover crab macaroni brunch.  My old and cranky stomach needs to start the day with cereal regardless of time, or my brain joins the old and cranky parade pretty quickly.  I did have more of her macaroni later.

Once fed, we went on what was titled: “Anabelle and Daddy Mini Ad-veen-ture, Yay!  *Jazz Hand*

Suicide Squad was perfect for an afternoon of goofy action filled fun.

After fending for ourselves for a while, we needed a Shop Rite run.  Since that fending was heavily augmented by Rosa’s prepared and frozen meals, and Grandma and Auntie Kim’s invitations, we only needed spinach, yogurt, cheese and milk.

Speaking of Auntie Kim’s, we were invited there for dinner before Anabelle spent the night leading into my last reduced week of work. 

We had excellent odds of making it there on time when the movie ended. 

However, I realized upon leaving that I had never been to the mall Shop Rite without Rosa before, and I always asked her which way to go as we left.

We got lost for quite a bit during which time the original plan of going straight to Kim’s with a car full of refrigerator required food, and without Anabelle’s overnight bag wasn’t such a great idea either.

We also couldn’t get through to Rosa for a post movie call, adding to Anabelle’s flusterness.

Flusterness is contagious, and we both had to run back in to the house twice to get stuff we’d forgotten. 

With all that forgottening, we also forgot to call Kim to tell her we were late.

We finally arrived and were treated to an excellent meal courtesy of the Princess Cookbook, and my nieces and nephew.

Aurora made the excessively yummy meatloaf and corn.

Veronica’s contribution was fudge pudding.  If we had been later, or more patient, it would have been regular fudge, but that didn’t diminish the taste.

Morgan made the salad, insisting on chocolate chips as one of the key ingredients, plus a couple of peanuts in one corner.
Maybe we weren’t the only ones watching the “Weird food” episodes of Chopped.

I gladly protected anyone who was opposed to a little culinary adventure in their salad by munching on the extra chips.

Anabelle was saddened by still not being able to get Rosa after dinner, but her mood was lightened by the gigantic Minecraft party and training session. 

Morgan’s ability to get completely lost and dig through the bottom of the world (usually both) defied all suggestions.

The PS4 games either took too long to load, or required massive investitures of time and money in an on line community to play, leading us to take turns blowing up on Tatooine in the downloaded PS2 Podracer game.

Kim and I finally convinced our kids to watch one of our all-time favorite stupid movies, The Barbarians.  Picture Conan, but as twins that have a combined intelligence below Conan…
Or more accurately, below that of Conan’s left thigh muscle.

The budget was about that level as well. 

They all complained a bit, but mostly laughed a lot at how stupid it was.

The McGinley family invented Mystery Science Theater 3000 the home game well before it was popular.

Anabelle finally got Rosa to say good night, settling her in somewhat.

I went home to do dishes, laundry, and exercise to take in the odd collection of story elements that was the Killing Joke movie.

I tried to do some computer stuff for work, and photo downloads, but I forgot my mouse.  After extended periods of profanity hurling at the touchpad,
I decided writing my Suicide Squad review was a task best left for another day, and read a classic Ostrander Squad trade until it fell on my face and I was out.

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