Monday, May 29, 2017

Anabelle and Daddy Ad-veeeeen-tures! Yeah! *Jazz Hands* Day 21 –August 8

More Movies Minecraft and MEL!

Mami withdrawal was running pretty high during the night for Anabelle, but her spirits rose after getting some sleep.

She flexed her baby sitting muscles, if there are such things, watching Veronica and Morgan while Aurora went to art camp and the same place we painted the spooky trees.

Upon her return the kids all showed Auntie Kim the Scooby Doo KISS movie.  It was Anabelle’s third viewing, because that level of insanity deserves excessive sharing.

They all went over to Grandma’s to continue having fun the rest of the day, while I spent the day having meetings and creating spreadsheets about product risk.

Yeah…that’s fair.

I came to two important realizations:

A)  It would be nice to spend more than ten airport minutes with my wife after not seeing her for three weeks before running back to work.

B)  The two all-night cleaning sessions required to prepare for her arrival had the potential to kill me if I didn’t have some down time directly afterwards.

Therefore, I decided to take off the day she arrived.

Grandma made pork chops…and of course applesauce, causing bad Bogart impressions that once more confused our kids by pop culture references they had no connection to.

I blame reality TV, infomercials, and DVD sales for their dearth of knowledge of classically bad old sit-coms.

Since that’s where we were in our Mel Brooks viewing, Robin Hood, Men in Tights was the chosen film of the night.  As with just about every stupid film I suggest, there was resistance, but the genius of Mel won them over quickly.

No one can resist the Blinkin as lookout scene. 
“What are you doing?”

“I can see!!!!         
*WHAM* No, I was wrong.”

With everyone on the same Wi-Fi, a Minecraft party was mandatory afterwards.
Woo woo!

Anabelle was both sad and tired, reaching her separation limits.

She spent a while on the couch.  Cake Wars was not going to bore her to sleep under any circumstances, leading Grandma to switch to a mystery.

Anabelle was intrigued by that too, but eventually wound down enough to sleep.

I went home to begin the turbo laundry and mass vacuuming stage at the end of any “Dad Alone” time phase. 

The vacuum blew a circuit breaker that, in a staggering display of poor design that our home is famous for, took out half the house.

In another staggering display, there was much profanity.

Of course at the levels of exhaustion I had reached, and facing a day of work before being out of the office, I needed to have a short exercise session, and go to bed.

Deciding to “start” watching Alien vs. Predator Requiem while on the treadmill was a fairly foolish choice.  My never having seen it, and its being quantum levels better than the first AvP film turned “start” watching, to “start” “become engrossed in” “cheer a lot”  and “finish” watching.

The minimal hours of sleep did not prevent dreams this time, and my overtaxed mind served up a whopper of a nightmare.

Sadly, it was totally Xenomorph and Yautja free

Instead I found myself in a band concert, without having practiced since 8th grade, no music, no stand…and no saxophone.

Nice to know how much confidence my sub conscious has in my abilities.

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