Monday, June 18, 2012

Disney World 2008: Day 7

We Take it Easy (Yet Still Clock More Miles than the Fuller Brush Man)
The Jolly Holiday continues
Anabelle slept late Saturday (and upside down) while her Mom and Grandma went Downtown to go shopping.  When she eventually woke up, I took her to the pool where she again happily traveled between the regular and wading pool (and the bathroom).  She also discovered a new game.  She found that the rope on the rinsing shower was strong enough to hold her, so she could swing from it like Tarzan through the falling water.  Anabelle also bought souvenirs for her Mommy and Grandma while they were shopping for everyone else.  (She’s a sweetie.)

The women came back in time for lunch, pizza this time, saving the tuna for dinner. Rosa finally bought the Princess statues she was going to buy last time we went, of course no one had Belle, her favorite.  We told Anabelle we could go to one Star Tours and Muppets 3D each before we had to go to church, so we bussed back to MGM.  (Again…don’t care.)

After a large amount of arguing, explaining, and convincing, we finally got Anabelle to try the great movie ride, and (you guessed it) she immediately wanted to go on again.  She also insisted Rosa take pictures of all the props on the line, even the ones she had no idea where they came from.  After the second ride, we asked her favorite part. Her answer, “Where the cowboy turned into a skeleton.” 


We tried to use that answer to convince her that she’d probably like Pirates of the Caribbean, but again, no logic or patterns would be of any use this vacation.

With only time for one more thing, we took the animation tour (as it was reduced to one third as long as it originally was, rotten MTV generation).  Anabelle (of course) wanted no part of it, until the silly Mushu stuff started, which made her laugh a lot and decide it was really cool.  We saw the Incredibles as we exited and were very excited, because Anabelle had said she wanted to see them on a previous day.  Imagine our surprise, yet again, when she ran screaming in the other direction from the line.  We brought her over to see Sorcerer Mickey, who really liked my sneakers (as did the handler, and several people on line).  After some discussion we found out she was only afraid of Mr. Incredible, but forgot we could ask him to step aside.  She had a very nice visit with Elastigirl, and Mr. Incredible gave me a big thumbs up for having him on my shirt, so we flexed together. (Grunt Grunt Grunt)

We saw Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee in the courtyard.  Anabelle ran over to see them, but the line was already closed.  Later we asked her why she was afraid of Aladdin, Prince Charming, and Mr. Incredible, but not the ugly and creepy looking Dum and Dee.  She looked very thoughtful for a minute and replied,

 “I have no idea.” 

There ya go.

Entertainment while you wait, walk, loiter...wherever.

On the way to the cab station we passed some entertaining Streetmosphere folk, (Yes, I know they’re not called that anymore either and I still don’t care.)  Then it was off to church, which, for a change, was the only attraction I fell asleep at.  Yes, I know it technically doesn’t count as an attraction, but the way they hawk the gift shop you pass on the way out, I kept expecting to see Mickey show up all in black with a white collar.  Anabelle brought her new Princess Leia dress up set, made to the scale of the Disney Princess ones. At that size the hair can’t be styled, so it comes with changeable heads instead.  I never really expected myself to utter the phrase, “Make sure you have all three heads,” when leaving mass.

Amazingly, our cab was actually there when we got out, and took us back to the hotel for dinner.  I’d seen Mickey ice creams before, but the Mickey Rice Krispy treat (with chocolate covered ears) was a new and welcome discovery.  Dinner was followed by more pool time.  We all ended up sitting with our feet in the hot tub, taking turns preventing Anabelle from leaping in, while we waited for the Water Pageant again.  The whole, “We told you you’d like this,” argument still making no headway.

Perhaps a change of shutter speed next time.

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