Thursday, June 5, 2014

Congratulations Are In Order

Taking a moment here to congratulate my daughter, because she earned it.

A little background first: 

I have mentioned how impressed I am with my daughter's dance school.

I have also mentioned that it is the same school that my sister went to when we were kids.

What I have not mentioned is that the original owner (who was a professional dancer in the legitimate theater in New York) has a daughter (who was also a professional dancer in the legitimate theater in New York) that sponsors a scholarship every year in her mother's name.

Each year it is in a different dance style. Entrants are required to choreograph a two minute routine, and write an essay about (in this years case) why they love Tap Dancing.

Anabelle designed her entire routine, and while she did let us watch her practice, took no suggestions from us.  She also didn't let us see her essay, even for proofreading.

Rosa did pull one of her patented perfect outfit creations in two days.

She was picked as the winner, and once again, it was the reactions of her classmates, teachers, and the older student helpers that showed how much more there is to this school than dance lessons.  Her reaction was pretty impressive too, I think her jaw bounced off the stage on the way to the front of it.

I am immensely proud of her for this accomplishment.  Also, because it required writing as well as dancing, I can feel like I had some genetic contribution to her success, because if it was just for dancing, that would be a stretch at best.

It covers her tap class next year, but the biggest win she got out of it was confidence, immediately deciding to take more and harder classes next year.

The fact that it's connected to the original owner made it extra special for our family, considering our history with the studio.

Congratulations, Anabelle! You did great kiddo.

I asked her if she wanted me to use her essay in this post, but she prefers to keep it as something just between her and Danceworks.  
I can completely respect that feeling, and also enjoy seeing her form that kind of bond with an organization that continues to impress me.  I did peek at one page of it on a morning while taking my blood pressure, since it was on the table.  But I get up for work so early that nothing really stuck in my head. (This has been a common problem of mine lately.)  Therefore it can remain safely private to her and the school.

However, since I am a shameless self promotion whore, I will end with a link to an excellent article in the town magazine the owner wrote about the Moving Company, where she quoted one of my e-mails that led to my own post.

The article starts on page 14,
Here's the link!


Grandma said...

Have to say CONGRATULATIONS to my beautiful and talented Granddaughter. When your name was announced, I was clapping, screaming and crying all at the same time. We are all very proud of you and always have been. Love, Grandma

Anabelle ;) said...

Thank you Grandma. I heard you screaming, along with Auntie Kim and Mami :). I really appreciate it.
Thanks again,
Anabelle ;)

Mami said...

I'm very proud of you hijita, and very happy that Abuelita was there watching you and clapping like crazy when she realized you won. She also is very proud of you and love you very very much.

Antonia said...

Love this post! Many congratulations to Anabelle!

Anonymous said...

Bravo Anabelle. So happy for you. You are such a sweet and loving young lady. Loved hearing about Grandma's reaction!

Cousin Maddalena

Chris said...

Congratulations Anabelle! Now, please teach your Dad to dance.

Unknown said...

CONGRATS, Anabelle!
Awesome Job!!!! :)

Anabelle ;) said...

Thank you everyone who commented. I really appreciate it. I am sorry that my essay is not on here, but like daddy said, I want it to be between me and Danceworks.
Thank you sooooooooooo much,
Anabelle ;)

Ben said...

Very impressive! Keep up the good work !

Ruth said...

Great job Anabelle! Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS! Later when you look back on this you will see so many reasons why these things are important...making a plan and seeing it through, creating and practicing an artistic expression unique to yourself, communicating the background, and sharing it with others to impressive and so very important! -May

Anabelle ;) said...

Thanks again everybody. I really appreciate it. It took alot of rechoreographing, but it worked!
Thanks again,
Anabelle ;)