Thursday, July 10, 2014

Bondlets: From Russia With Love


My daughter’s intelligence and attention to detail once again embarrassed me.  Since I didn’t watch the Bond series in order when it was on television, and the DVD sets I have came in three out of sequence groups, I’ve only watched the films in order once, and that was with the commentary. Therefore I never noticed what she did immediately. Not only does Sylvia Trench return from Doctor No to share a picnic with 007, but their dialogue is almost identical to the previous film.  I pathetically never even realized it was her.

I’m proud to say she took to Q right away in his first scene. She picked up that Bond used every single gadget in his new briefcase before the movie ended as well. She also found the early stages of the running gag with Bond’s hat in Monneypenny’s office cool.

She gave high praise to the “really nice furniture” in the film.  We may need a v-chip for the HGTV network.

The girl fight in the gypsy camp was greeted with a flat, “Why are they showing this?”

While she though the action music was catchy, her response to the famous theme song was, “This music is SO exciting…NOT!”

Yes, her dad grew up in the Eighties.

Tanya Romanova was found to be pretty, but overall, “Eh,” because she liked Sylvia better.

The story was basic enough to follow, though we had to pause and explain what a Lector was. Then we had to pause again to explain what a “McGuffin” was. 

Thank you Phineas and Ferb for helping out with that one.

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