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Peru 2014 Day 11: July 3- Ocean for them, Rest for Me

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The internal turbulence finally subsided; I slept in while Rosa did some stuff around the house.

Once I was able to maintain a vertical position, Anabelle and I watched the Tweety Looney Tunes disk, and followed up with a start to her introduction to the lack of physical laws seen in the world of Bob Clampett.

Rosa and Abuelita did yet another market run.  With the insane selection of fresh items available that comes from the climate between mountains, desert and rain forest, daily market trips continued to be a requirement. 

Abuelita also added some lucky cats to her collection, bringing the number closer to her lucky owl and lucky elephant numbers.

On their return, Rosa made me some bland soup and heated up the left over Tallarin for Anabelle.  They both ate the leftover snails.   The fact that I remained at the table meant my stomach had recovered.

As a precaution, since there is no form of Peruvian road transportation that is non-jarring, I stayed home to finish Disney trip blog photo selection, and read some more Illuminatus.

Rosa and Anabelle caught a rare big bus back to her beach.  They avoided entering the water as it was a precariously high tide following an off shore storm the night before that fishing boats were still missing from. The sea rose all the way to the top portion of the beach, nearly even with the road.

Little crabs were scuttling about the smoothed stones, clams and barnacles, having been deposited far closer to civilization than usual.  Anabelle picked me out a special rock since I couldn’t accompany them, because she’s awesome.

Their planned return to El Mirador for an early dinner was thwarted by the standard Peruvian (and much of the rest of the world) practice of having only one large mid-day meal. It was open from 12:30-4:30.  At least it generated a window of acceptable beach visit times for the rest of the trip.

The Donofrio and other carts were open however, allowing them to have a snack while listening to the gazebo piano in the Town Square, or maybe a town square.  There are a large amount of road squares down there, and I don’t think they are limited to one per town.  I do know they have many other streets entering and leaving the squares with a sum total of zero signs and lights.  They’re kind of like an evil blend of a traffic circle and game of chicken.

Happily fed, Anabelle danced around a bit to the piano music, because that’s what she does.

They caught a bus home, unfortunately having to share it with school boys unaware that their backpacks added extra weight and dimensions to their profiles.

Anabelle and I had another Jetpack Joyride session when they returned, taking us through the fourth completion on the trip of this rapidly revealing itself to be just how addictive little game.

People due to come and pay the rent for Rosa’s grandmother’s old house were scheduled to arrive.  Since they were Peruvian, we had a bit of a lull while we waited.  Contrary to most of the conversations, the mix of accents and topics shattered my tenuous grasp of Spanish, preventing any chance of my understanding the discussion.  The fact that the older woman of the group had some issues and introduced herself to me three times didn’t help my ability to follow along.

They left and Rosa spent some of her own “Mami” time, while we had more Anabelle and Daddy adventures. 

We finished the Loony-a-cy of the Bob Clampet disk, and played a couple rounds of “I’m thinking of something in Peru.”  This was yet another new take on our typical “I’m thinking of something” game. Basically, it is “Eye Spy” but you don’t have to actually spy the object. We’re advanced gamers.

At bedtime we worked through two issues of the Alien Costume saga, as she fell more deeply into the clutches of comic book universes. 

That’s my girl.

Once they were all asleep, I did a few sit up sets to help stabilize my stomach, and read a few chapters of Illuminatus to help destabilize my mind before turning in.

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