Thursday, June 1, 2023

The Guardians Go Out with a Bang!


Woo hoo! That was fun!
And a perfect way to end a superhero storyline!

Thank you very much, 
good night!

Sorry life's been well beyond the normal levels of insanity I live with.

There isn't really much else to say.

This capped of the three films perfectly.
It showed the value of all the characters, especially the ones that seemed to be reduced to one note jokes.
Those of us paying attention noticed the hints and nods that would bring them to their valued story endpoints, however.

Speaking of those endpoints- this film demonstrated most admirably how to end a character's story in a way that is satisfying, removes the need for them being in future films, yet doesn't KILL THEM! 

Its amazing how well the Guardians films stand alone. A viewer doesn't need to see their other MCU appearances to get the full impact. Gamora's change (by far the largest effect of the other films) was nicely covered in a short, entertainingly awkward elevator scene.

I consider the Holiday Special "bonus content" for a few reasons. It isn't needed for the overall story. Mantis being Quill's half sister was suspected in the second and quickly confirmed in the third movie. However, it was filled with many fantastic character moments, plus call backs and new things for the final film to reference. (And it included the all important Kevin Bacon appearance!)

Anabelle correctly pointed out the fact that James Gunn loved the Star Wars Holiday special and always wanted to make something like that explains every movie and show he's ever had anything to do with.

Anyway, Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3 was an amazing film on its own, and a perfect capstone to the franchise.

Oh yeah, Woo Hoo! Cosmo!

If the whole Kang idea doesn't work out, bringing in the High Evolutionary as the big bad for this phase of Marvel Films will work just fine.

I have seen Peacemaker, and while it was enjoyable, it made me worry that James Gunn wouldn't treat the parts of the DCU that require it with respect.

Thinking back on it, Gunn's Suicide Squad, and the Guardians films. I'm convinced we're going to have a DC film universe with the proper amounts of both respect and fun.

And the music will be A-MAZE-ING!

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