Thursday, May 2, 2024

LIVE! From Morristown New Jersey!

I gotta admit, it was pretty cool hearing the actual Dancing With the Stars announcer say that when we saw the travelling stage show back in January. 
(Photo credit to Rosa, which should be obvious since it's clear what the photo is of.)

The show was...
really good.

Apologies, I don't always have in depth analyses.

Seeing only the Pros dance with each other highlighted how much they must be holding back every week, even with the top competitors.

Anabelle (and Rosa and I) was thrilled with the guest we got- Xochitl Gomez. 
She's going to go far, based purely on her confidence to be on stage with all these masterful dancers and give it her all.
There were some slip ups, which she laughed off immediately and threw herself right back into the mix.
That kid is going places.
Hopefully into more Marvel movies and shows, he said returning to an area he knows more about.

Because she was there, her partner from the show, Val joined as well...
Which meant his wife Jenna was there too.

Dancing demonstrates huge emotional connections between good partners.
But it is NOTHING compared to when a pair of professional dancers that are also a romantic couple work together.

That was the only disappointment, and a minor one. Alexis was an amazing technical dancer and performer. She added a great deal to the show.
However, I would have loved to see Daniella and Pasha's argentine tango live.

Because, adding to the many other kinds I have been my whole life, I am also becoming a dance nerd.

It was painfully obvious that dancers are plugged in to one of the few true forms of magic that exists in this world... Music.

It is also painfully obvious that if I start developing my thoughts on that "music is magic" idea, instead of being something quick to fit in the one week space I have, this will explode into an entire series.


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