Monday, April 25, 2016

Clone Wars Season Two

22 episodes, October 2nd 2009 to April 30th 2010

Ani Ahsoka Obi and Mace fighting Bane stealing Jedi babies

1. Holocron Heist
2. Cargo of Doom
3. Children of the Force

Epic Of Awesomeness – Ani, Padme, Obi, Ki Adi, Luminara, Ahsoka, and Barris (Luminara’s padawan) in giant battle on Geonosis and beyond. What Episode 2 should have been.

4. Senate Spy:  Spy Story (Ani, Padme)
5. Landing at Point Rain: Invasion (Obi, Ani, Ki Ahsoka)
6. Weapons Factory :  Padawans Sneak in and blow up stuff (Ani Luminara big battle outside)
7. Legacy of Terror: Aliens/Zombie movie:   (Obi, Ani and Luminara)
8. Brain Invaders: Body Snatchers  (Padawans and Clones)

Ani Obi Aji Gallina rescue misson- Obi battle background to Capt Rex in a western

9. Grievous Intrigue
10. The Deserter

Ahsoka solo with cool old Jedi.
11. Lightsaber Lost

Obi meets up with his old squeeze. Ani has awesome cameos

12. The Mandalore Plot
13. Voyage of Temptation
14. Duchess of Mandalore

A mystery starring Padme and a Colombo like space police detective.

15. Senate Murders

Ani’s crazy tactics and Obi’s planning win a space battle

16. Cat and Mouse

Ani, Obi Ahsoka and some bounty hunters do the Magnificent Seven

17. Bounty Hunters

Godzilla story- 1) Ani and Mace, 2) joined by Obi Padme, a little Yoda and Ayla

18. The Zillo Beast
19. The Zillo Beast Strikes Back

Baby Boba and his bounty hunter buddies versus: Part 1Ani & Mace, Part 2: Artoo Plays Home Alone, Part 3 Ahsoka and Plo.  Aura Sing shoots people in the face and kisses Hondo, hard to tell which is more shocking.

20. Death Trap
21. R2 Come Home
22. Lethal Trackdown

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