Monday, April 11, 2016

Star Wars: Clone Wars Episode Guides

Due to my recent immersion in the animated portion of the Star Wars universe, and my exercise habits, I was able to work through three to four episodes a night, entertainingly burning through the entire Clone Wars series fairly rapidly.  Due to her genetically inherited Star Wars fandom, and the high percentage of female characters, my daughter’s interest was piqued when I described the show.

As she gets most of her exercise at dance class, where they rudely do not allow the watching of Star Wars cartoons during practice, she was not able to keep pace with my viewing.  Therefore I gave her short synopses of every story.  Since this was time spent writing, and whenever that happens I always try to throw in a gag or two, you lucky people get to see the fruits of my efforts as well.

I guess I did a good job, because she went from highlighting most of them as “want to see” to highlighting all of them in the later seasons.

The descriptions come before the titles, because I started that way and am far too lazy to put the amount of effort into switching them for what is designed as an easy series of posts.

And yes, I know "Aji Gallina" is a yummy Peruvian chicken dish, not a Jedi, but that's what we call her in our house..

Below are links to each season.  They’ll all be active once they all get posted.

What the heck!  Lets do Rebels too!

Rebels Pre Series Shorts
Rebels Season 1
Rebels Season 2
Rebels Season 3
Rebels Season 4

And the Bad Batch!

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