Thursday, September 2, 2021

Clone Wars Episode Guide- Bad Batch Season One

Clone Force 99 got a pilot run in the recent Season Seven of Clone Wars although there were hints of their possibility way back in Season 3. Now they have a new series all their own starting at the end of the Prequel Trilogy.
First, a big shout out to Dee Bradley Baker.  He’s been doing amazing, as he does in all his voice acting, as all the clone voices in the cartoons so far. However, in this one, every episode he plays all but one of the leads, and the variations on the main clone voice theme are greatly extended.
1."Aftermath" –
We find out what happened to our team when Order 66 went out. Many cameos from other Star Wars films and cartoons happen, including a very young Kanan from Rebels showing up. (Featuring his disturbingly normal not very young voice.)  Omega, a young female clone joins the Batch.  The Batch refuses to join the Empire, except for Crosshair which will be a problem later.
2. "Cut and Run" –
Looking for other clones who resisted programming and left the service, the gang seeks out Cut Lawquane and his Twilek family. They end up helping him escape an Imperial Planet.  Omega learns how to play with other kids.
3. "Replacements"-
Omega starts to show her worth to a greater extent, and the origin of Stormtroopers replacing Clone Troopers is presented, influenced by Governor Tarkin. If the cartoons didn’t make us all like and respect the clone army so much, they wouldn’t have needed to do this and could have followed one of George Lucas’s original trilogy updates that said the Stormtroopers ARE clones. I like it better this way.
4. "Cornered"
Fennec Shand shows up!  YAY! we love Ming Na Wen!  And we love that all of Star Wars is connected now!  We learn (or maybe we already knew, we kinda binged the first half of the season) that Omega is a first generation clone. She's like Boba Fett, but obviously modified a bit.
5. "Rampage"
We meet Cid (Rhea Perlman yay!) an underworld contact that will provide our heros with work here and there going forward.  Their first job for her is to rescue a kid for Jabba the Hutt and turn him over to Bib Fortuna. The kid is someone we’ve seen in the original trilogy as well!
6. "Decommissioned"
On another mission for Cid, the gang meets Trace and Rafa who also premiered in Clone Wars Season Seven.  It’s still all connected and is about to get more so!
7. "Battle Scars"
Trace and Rafa were working for Captain Rex!  Woo!  Rex is amazed the Batch’s anomalies have protected them against their inhibitor chips; the things in their brains that made the rest of the clones (including Crosshair) follow Order 66. The gang gets theirs removed, but not before we get to see Wrecker go berserk on his buddies for a bit.
8. "Reunion"
9. "Bounty Lost"
We learn at least one of the Kamino cloners cares about Echo and some others seriously don’t.  The Batch fights against Crosshair and his new Stormtrooper recruits. Plus Cad Bane comes back from The Clone Wars, because Filoni loves rewarding us with returns of his awesome characters.
10. "Common Ground"
The Batch rescues a Separatist leader for payment from Cid, and deals with the moral weirdness of having fought the Separatists in the Clone War and now being against the Empire.  Omega’s skills at dejarik, her attitude and her winnings endear her to Cid.
11. "Devil's Deal"
12. "Rescue on Ryloth"
We meet Teen Hera, and Chopper! Woo!  And we find out how her dad got that way in Rebels. Lots of action happens, Hera and Omega bond, and Crosshair continues to be a jerk.
13. "Infested"
Another crime boss takes over Cid’s place. The Batch makes him regret it by making the crime boss look bad in front of a hugely dangerous, bigger crime boss.  Then everyone’s in trouble. The Batch saves the day, with surprisingly few criminals getting killed.
14. "War-Mantle"
Captain Rex is back! He needs the batch to rescue Gregor!  Woo!  They do! Woo!  Hunter gets captured! Not so much woo.  The Empire shuts down Kamino and takes the Cloners elsewhere (into the Mandalorian, or the sequel trilogy no doubt.)
15. "Return to Kamino"
16. "Kamino Lost"
Crosshair’s secret revealed! It isn’t a good one!  Tipoca city blown up and sunk! Will our heroes survive?  Of course they will, they got renewed for another season! Woo!

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