Monday, September 27, 2021

Atlantic City 2021 Day 1

Wednesday July 7
We Arrive Too Late to See Horseshoe Crabs
Anabelle had her usual long series of Danceworks summer classes on Wednesday night, giving Rosa and I plenty of time to leisurely get the already packed items into the car and be well prepared to pick up Anabelle right at the end of dance to head south without issue.
Once again, we forgot the key element of packing and leaving the house…
“It’s us.”
(No need for a link on this one. Pick any travelogue and go to the first day for a good example.)
We remembered multiple things at the last minute, many of which we placed into our vehicle.  This included the sandwich for our child who would be starving after the extensive dancing that evening.  We left the house around the same time Anabelle’s class should have ended.
Luckily, the dancers and instructors were all passionate about their love of dance and thrilled to be back in the studio together. They ended late as well, making it look like we were on time.
Ta Da!
It was an uneventful and clear ride. We went with a mix of novelty and normal, but all music this time. Anabelle and Rosa napped a bit and I did not, which is the best way for that to go.
The temperature unseasonably dropped as we travelled southwards, and we were faced with a dilemma as we drove on Highway 30 at the entrance to the city proper. 
Do we bear the ambient temperatures and freeze by doing nothing?
Do we bear the ambient smells and choke by turning the heat on? 
We varied between the two, bringing the window fog to near opaque, and threatening the uneventfulness of the ride.  This was one of our latest arrival times, and having the building signs turned off proved to add difficulty as well. (Make a right at the giant naked lady, then a left at the giant “Jesus" sign became almost impossible to execute.  This town continues to really have no idea of its identity.)
We entered by the Havana tower as always.
Aside: this “always” may change. When Rosa found a second secret passage, she also found a parking garage next to the West Tower, the one where we usually stay, that we had no idea existed.  Research for Grids is helpful.
Rosa went through the Quarter and casino to get our keys in the main lobby, since the reservation was in her name. Anabelle and I stayed on the bench some of us inevitably use at the start and end of any trip when others (Fine…me) run to the bathroom.
We were listening to a nearby piano bar and resting. We must have looked horribly frazzled and exhausted. A very nice and very inebriated woman drinking some concoction out of an actual pineapple exited the elevator near us.  She then asked a large number of times if we were sure we were okay, before ascending the stairs (which would take her back to where she entered the elevator) to return to the Quarter Nightclubs.
Rosa came back just as we noticed a puddle under the carry on luggage we used to store the two gallons of water for our room.  Then it became a race to the elevator for the West Tower and our room as we left a wet trail behind us.
All of our rolling luggage snagged on something that damaged them in the parking garage. The issues ranged from slight rips to the gallon puncture of the smallest bag.   We dumped what was left of that gallon into the plug-in teakettle we brought to test out for Anabelle's dorm room, and set about our usual arrival tasks.
Once extra cleaning and mattress lifting was complete we continued our late night vacation tradition of collapsing for the night.

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