Monday, September 20, 2021

Atlantic City Summer 2021

 The Horseshoe Crab Adventure
Well, maybe if more people wore their masks and got vaccinated when they were supposed to I could have more involved, more frequent, and longer vacation stories. 
Nevertheless, here we are.
We were able to sneak in a short Atlantic City adventure before college took hold of our family. 
Mostly just to get the heck out of the house for a while.
Once again, missing any of dance classes was out of the question and a nearly midnight ride was required after Anabelle’s summer Danceworks schedule.
Luckily, my ability (and frequent need) to fall asleep in any chair, couch or stationary surface is counteracted by vehicles keeping me wide-awake.
Especially when enhanced with caffeinated diet soda and properly placed snack bags.
As a general note, we wore our masks anytime we were inside and not in our room, before the indoor mask advisement returned. This had nothing to do with fear or politics.  It was for two reasons:
1) Respect for the workers in the places we visited who had customers breathing on them all day.
2) I wasn’t ready to give up the ability to make faces at people without them knowing it
In spite of the mask mandate being removed, at the time a fair amount of others wore their masks inside. I respect that.
Since the mandate and CDC recommendation was removed for the vaccinated at the time, other people were not masked, and I respected that as well.
What I had trouble summoning any respect for were the people who, after a YEAR AND A HALF of this, used the mask as a chinstrap or couldn’t figure out how to cover their nose.
You could train a monkey to wear a mask the right way much faster than that.
You could probably also explain why the monkey should be vaccinated, and have it understand in that time as well.
Sorry, I'm ranting again, its been a rough stretch.

Here’s the index.
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4


Dina Roberts said...

You're doing better than me. I think the most I've done during the pandemic is a one hour road trip...and we were there for only an hour or so.

Though...we did go to Memphis a few weeks before life turned into a disaster film.

What was the last trip you took before the pandemic? Was it Europe?

I'm very pro-mask but I really hate wearing thinking I might not do plane travel until this is very over with. Which might be never....

I'm very glad, though that you are at least traveling a little bit, so I can have these travelogues to read.

Jeff McGinley said...

Thanx, college visits necessitated some, so we figured we could go a place we knew really well. Also, it was before delta hit big.

Yes, after years of being told I should I went to Europe. Then the whole dang world shut down. I will not be going again.

I don't mind masks. Maybe it's years of practice being uncomfortable on halloween. Or the fact that my wife made cloth ones that hold filters so they're big enough to fit comfortably.

Glad you enjoyed these.