Thursday, September 30, 2021

E-Space Trilogy Through A Kid’s Eyes Part 2

Wow! I post about Doctor Who for the first time in over a year and they announce Russell T. Davies return as show runner for the 60th Anniversary in 2023!  Woo!

(No I do not think they are connected, my life is not quite that timey whimey.)

Like most fans I was initially excited thinking about what elements of that great era he could bring back.  Then I thought more, and realized while he is a fan of the classic series, and referenced it, his run had a great focus on brining in new elements and interpretations. And now I'm even more excited.

It'll be worth the wait, but now it's time to get back to the Tom Baker years.

“State Of Decay”
J- Now, creepy medieval space vampires!

A- 😀
J- The peasant has a walkie talkie.
K9 found Adric stowing away while the others were out.
A- The peasant what?
J- A goofy, old "Belle’s Dad" like scientist just explained, “The wasting is…the wasting.”
Also, this planet has no cheese.
A- Neither does this one.
I was literally just talking to Grace (editor’s note- her roommate) about how I wish I brought cheese for my triscuits.
That was weirdly timed.
J- Oooooo EEEEEEEE. oooooooo!
A- *laughs*
J- It looks like the vampire lords came here on a space ship from earth.
The doctor bled blue. Oops.
A- 👀
J- The Doctor accidentally broke Romana’s wine glass making a toast and cut her finger…
in front of the vampire royalty.
A- He what?
How could he be so foolish?
J- The doctor and Romana are sitting in the vampire’s thrones and figured out the castle is a space ship.
Aaaaaand Adric has been hypnotized.
In the tower/ rocket is a morgue of drained people and the fuel tanks are full of blood.
Stopping now. Too sleepy to watch two more episodes tonight.
A-Or maybe you hallucinated the whole thing?
J- No, I remember it from when I was a youth.
A- You also remember dinosaurs from when you were a youth. *crazy laugh*
J- Plbbbbbbttthhhhh!!!!!

“State of Decay” *Continued the next day*
J- Plot twist (ish) Adric joined the space vampires willingly.
The space vampires work for a GIANT space vampire.
The “Record of Rassilon” about vampires in the TARDIS is on punch cards.
And Adric is totally fine with joining the vampires and letting them eat Romana.
Ooh, he mentioned his brother’s death in his explanation of that reasoning.
The map the villagers have actually says “our HQ” on it.
Adric changed his mind, tried to save Romana, failed and was mind controlled instantly.
A- HA! HA!
J- We only saw the giant hand of the giant vampire.
The tower / rocket the Doctor launched came down and pierced the giant vampire's heart before it unearthed itself further.
Then the other space vampires got old and dissolved.
Now Adric says joining them was just a bluff
He said, “I was trying to rescue you.” and Romana said, “But you didn’t, did you?”
A- Hee hee.
J- The guy on the Doctor Who message board said you bailed on the last Fourth Doctor season just when it got good.
A-Oh well. *shrug*
J- He also claims you’ll disown me on the spot when I try to describe the last E-space one. 
A- ah.

*The next night*
“Warriors Gate”
(Editors note-Anabelle was doing calculus homework so her answers are much shorter for this one.)
J-“Warriors Gate” The end of E-space.
A- What?
Oh are you starting now?
J- After Caso Cerrado finishes.  
Two trampily dressed women are screaming at each other in Spanish.  
I know, you're shocked.
Now we're starting.
And apparently there are psychic dog people they use as navigators on a ship here.
The TARDIS crew all visibly hate each other by this point and are clearly not going to make eye contact.
A- Good.
Drama! *excited faces*
J- There’s a very Rosencrantz and Gulderstern Are Dead couple of maintenance men.
Puppy man is running through a cloudy void and then the TARDIS console and K-9 started smoking when puppy man came through the TARDIS door while it was in flight.
A-What does that even mean???
J- Time winds or he’s out of phase.
Or both?
A-Oh wait Is puppy man the psychic dog navigator?
Puppy man may be a lion man. 
Anyway, he left.
A- what.
K-9 just babbled incoherently and shut down.
Now there’s a castle door in the smoke and the Doctor followed puppy man into it.
Apparently into the Haunted Mansion ballroom.
J-Ooh, “The Tharil is Leonine.” He IS a lion man. 
Maybe he’s related to the crappy one in “The Woman Who Lived?”
Uh oh. They plugged Romana into Lion-o’s navigator chair.
J-Ooh! K-9 and Adric found the Haunted Mansion.
No, just K-9, he lost Adric In the smoke.
Lots of coin flipping going on here.
(Editors note- another Rosencrantzntz and Guildenstern reference)
The Doctor walked through a mirror and left K-9 with the ship crew that uses Lion-o’s people as slaves.
A- How rude!
J- K-9 is quoting physics while the jerky humans bounce themselves and their lasers off the mirror.
The Doctor and Lion-o are wandering around black-and-white England after going through the looking glass.
Jerky slaver man just tossed K9 out the door into the void. I hope they all die now.
A- 😀😀
J-Romana is captured again and the Doctor has met a lady Lion-o.
A burned Lion-o just phased Romana into black and white England.
(Editors note- the jerky slaver people had a hold full of suspended animation Lion-o's but waking them up too quickly can burn them, sometimes to death. Hence the "jerky.")
There’s a big Lion-o banquet and we just learned they keep people as slaves on their side of the mirror. 
J-Ooooh, the banquet was in the past as is everything the other side of the mirror...
Or something.
And Adric saves the day pointing the bad people’s big laser thingy at them.
A-Uh huh.
J- Romana abruptly decided to stay with the Lion-o’s.
The Doctor handed her K-9 as he rushed to leave her behind.
And the jerky people blew themselves up.
Thus Endeth adventures in E-space.
A- Now you’re on “The Keeper of Traken.” 😔
J- We can wait on that one. We have a crap-ton of movies.
A- Yaaaaaay!
J-And I’d be happy to watch these insanity fests again if some day you want to.
A-No I’m okay.
J- Groovy!
Final editor notes- 
1) As usual for the classic series, the companion leaving was kind of abrupt. 
Although the tension between the main cast on these three threatened to form coherent structures it was so great.
Therefore, it felt more like she was sick of travelling with the two of them, rather that moving towards something or someone like many other leaving companions did.  And the Doctor exuded a lot more, "Don't let the TARDIS door hit you on the way out" energy than the usual, "Please don't give up seeing all of time and space with me."

2) Anabelle said she was happy she skipped these episodes. 
Not because she wouldn't have enjoyed them, but she felt she enjoyed my bizarre texts more.
I still got it.

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