Thursday, February 4, 2021

Clone Wars Season Seven

Disney Plus not only returned us to glorious old school style live action Star Wars with The Mandalorian it allowed the crack creative team to end the excellent animated Clone Wars series properly with a final season.

In true Star Wars fashion, the ending came in a trilogy of movie length stories Each one was made of four episodes.

1. "The Bad Batch"
2. "A Distant Echo"
3. "On the Wings of Keeradaks"
4. "Unfinished Business"
The Clone Wars series has always excelled doing something that no other branch of Star Wars does, focusing on the soldiers.  The final season is no different.  The first of the three movies gives us more time with Captain Rex, Commander Cody, Jesse and other clones as they fight together. It also brings back the irregular clones from Season 3 as a special forces unit, plus a surprise return.  Besides looking backward, its an exciting preview to the  "Bad Batch" upcoming series. 

5. "Gone With a Trace"
6. "Deal No Deal"
7. "Dangerous Debt"
8. "Together Again"
The second storyline let us know where Ahsoka went after leaving the Jedi order last time we saw her.  We get some more views into the underworld of Coruscant, meet two sisters in the typical "hopeful youth" and "good hearted scoundrel" mold that Star Wars likes to play with,  Ahsoka runs into some old friends and enemies to lead into the big finale. 

9. "Old Friends Not Forgotten"
10. "The Phantom Apprentice"
11. "Shattered"
12. "Victory and Death"

The final arc of the Clone Wars saga starts with a nice Ani and Obi tribute to one of the first battles shown in the movie that kicked off the series.  Then Ahsoka teams up with Bo Katan and her crew to go after Maul, while Ani and Obi head off into Episode III.  The fall of Anakin and the issuing of Order 66 goes on in the background and we get to learn how this affected everyone's favorite Padawan, Captain Rex, and the rest of the gang on their way to Rebels, Solo and of course, The Mandalorian.

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