Monday, May 23, 2016

Clone Wars Season Six

13 episodes: March 7 2014; (Netflix)

Clone Tup starts on Order 66 during a battle under Ani and (not for long) Twin Jedi women.  The rest of the story is Fives (with some help from Shak Ti, and a funny medical droid) trying to find out what happened.  He learns too much, too late, but it’s probably why Rex and friends can be in Rebels.

1. The Unknown
2. Conspiracy
3. Fugitive
4. Orders

Padme tries to help her old flame from the Season 2 Five Part Epic of Awesomeness decorrupt the banks.   Because she’s dumb enough not to believe he’s still a weasel, she causes Dooku’s invasion of the banking planet, a subsequent war there, and Ani sliding further to the dark side.  Obi shows up briefly to say he knows what’s going on between Ani and Padme, and to cut it out.

5. An Old Friend
6. Rise of Clovis
7. Crisis at the Heart

The queen of the mystical Tibetan duck planet has the hots for Jar Jar, and will only tell him about the threat of the Mardi Gras Parrot Head Temple of Doom cult kidnapping their force sensitive leaders. Mace comes along uninvited and varies between being a butt and being awesome.  Jar Jar awesomes a considerable amount as well.

8. The Disappeared, Part 1
9. The Disappeared, Part 2

Plo, Yoda, Ani and Obi investigate what happened to Sifo Dyas, how he’s connected to Darth Tyrannus, and why this Jedi typo from the Episode 2 script ordered a clone army on his own.

10. The Lost One

The Dooku = Tyrannus revelation shocks the Jedi, inspireing Yoda to go on a vision quest to learn how to become a force ghost.  He’s led by Qui Gon and the Drama Masked Creepy Force Ladies to Dagobah, the source of Midichlorians, and the Sith homeworld.  His visions are varied, have cameos for just about everyone in the series, and in most cases are way cooler than Episode 3.  Mark Hamill guests as Darth Bane because he’s awesome.

11. Voices
12. Destiny
13. Sacrifice

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