Monday, June 12, 2017

Anabelle and Daddy Ad-veeeeen-tures! Yeah! *Jazz Hands* Day 23 –August 10

The Great Northward Mamigration

Following a “one more time” of minimal sleep, we awoke to find the United website being singularly unhelpful about arrival times for any aircraft on the planet.

It was early enough to have an entirely uneventful drive to Newark Airport, and before long we were parked and plopped down on the little shelf around one of those columns in the baggage claim area ready to patiently wait and read until our third family member arrived.

Well…one of us was ready to patiently wait and read until our third family member arrived.

The other one of us has far less experience picking people up from international flights and was constantly jumping up to check the boards.

Rosa sent a text indicating they’d landed, and we knew to hold our position as it would be pointless to leap up and lose our spots due to the inevitable delays in reentering the country.

Well…one of us knew it.

During the long period we stood there staring at people we didn’t know exiting the international arrivals thingy, I reminded Anabelle of the customs, immigration, and baggage claim areas we went through two years previously.

We found a couple of open chairs and leaned on each other for a well needed and likely adorable looking nap in the company of a lost pigeon.

Once Peruvian looking folks began to emerge we stood up again, allowing Anabelle to get a good running leap when she yelled, “MAMI!!!!”

We drove home happy and tired, and I unloaded the car.

Besides the usual yummy Peruvian snacks she brought, including several packs of Kraps for entertainment purposes was a surprise.

Rosa had plans to bring books and other items from her old home to her new home, but found she suddenly lacked room. This was because Abuelita learned her new son liked these Peruvian gumdrop candies and sent me thirty cases.

No that wasn’t a typo. 

I love that woman, but she left me little choice but to ether need to increase my exercise time and dental insurance, or come up with a craft project.

We had our little present presentation ceremony, with all the souvenirs from our Ad-veeeeen-tures *jazz hands,* the owl painting, jewelry for Anabelle and shirts for me.

We topped it off with a Bembos lunch.  THANX HONEY!!!!

The woman next to Rosa on the plane declared a cooked cuy, and had no problem.  If bringing a roasted guinea pig didn’t freak out the customs inspector, next time she’ll just mention the burgers are cooked instead of packing them in hermetically sealed eight layer wrappings, under some clothes marked “biohazard.”

 We relaxed for a bit, unpacking, Choppeding and resting.

Rosa got some horrible news that Conchito, the woman who cut her hair growing up, and Anabelle’s on our visit, had passed away.  Not the way to end a trip, but it made Rosa extra glad that she’d visited her and called her from the airport. 

This is why I spend my fictional watching and reading time with uplifting Sci-Fi and Fantasy.  It’s due to an aversion to learning sometimes the ending sucks in real life. I comforted her as much as I could. 

That night, I used my non Christmas Eve Chinese food allowance of the year for our traditional return dinner at Hunan Taste.  (Note for anyone keeping score:  Communion parties don’t count.)

After dinner was a night of more nappage, more Choppedage, and more enjoying having the three of us together for the first time in a long while…age.

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