Thursday, June 29, 2017

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It will take a while before I get my head straight enough to write new Up the Lake stories, so here’s an index of the old ones for easier access than using the “Up the Lake” subject, since we all mention the place constantly, this will link only to the stories.
[Later edit- I have added new ones since this originally appeared, and will continue to add new links anytime I write more.]

As a bonus, before the index, here’s a poem my Mom wrote in 1982 that really sums up the place and how we all feel about it:

The Lake

There’s a place known to only a few that’s called Staph’s Farm,  Indian Lake
To those who are priveldge to share it, it’s known fondly as only “The Lake.”

It’s rural and rustic with an old fashioned measure.
To those intimate with it, it’s truly a treasure.
“The Lake” is a summer retreat made up of more than just friends.
No family could ever be closer with love that never ends.

Children have grown there becoming parents and grandparents too.
And each new generation that follows brings love to “The Lake” anew.
Though some have been called from us, they will never be far away.
For our hearts will never forget them, as memories of love fill our day.

You see “The Lake” is more than a place, it’s like a little bit of Heaven.
It’s more like a state of mind that God, to us, has graciously given.

When long winter days come upon you and life is so dreary and gray.
A past summer’s memory comes back to make you feel happy and gay.
To be seeing those special people you haven’t’ seen enough all year.
Will certainly give great joy, because to you each one of them is dear.

And when you arrive at “the Lake” in July your mind can be put to rest
Cause you’re one of the lucky few to reside at the place that is “The Best”

-By Theresa McGinley

Here are all the stories of the insane and wonderful times Up the Lake:


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