Monday, June 19, 2017

Anabelle and Daddy Ad-veeeeen-tures! Yeah! *Jazz Hands* Bonus Day with Mami 1 –August 28

The Summermission

Rosa returned and we were all happily together again, but still faced a problem.   Every year I take off a couple of days during the Rhinebeck Fair to go from Up the Lake and see Vocal Trash.   Not only was there no Lake (giant pile of suck, as a reminder) there was also no Vocal Trash performance. (Other pile of suck reminder.)

With all the planning for Rosa’s absence, we never focused on what to do in her presence.

Normally we use family trips to Atlantic City as “get away and rest” days in the winter when the rates plummet along with temperatures.  The idea being: if snow cancelled a trip where we weren’t planning to do anything, who cares?

Due to our semi regular visits, we got some end of summer offers, and due to the lack of time to plan anything else, we went for it.

Due to multiple offers, and audit at work, and a funeral, we may have achieved the most rescheduled three day trip in the history of the New Jersey Shore, involving changes in day, tower, rate and mental state.

While I was out on Sunday, Rosa was supposed to take Anabelle to meet up with some friends from Peru that live in the area.  All the guide books I read before my first trip to her country mentioned that scheduling isn’t what you’d call a strong point for Latin American culture.  Their meet ups tended to be less planned events and more a gang of people arriving at a random hour to take my wife elsewhere for the night.

This Sunday afternoon was no exception.  They were heading towards Central Park for their “afternoon trip” while I was on the way home from Long Island in the early evening.  

Everything was packed and ready previously, due to the change conga, allowing me to do some final car preps while they were avoiding Pokémon hunting hordes in the darkening park.

When they returned home, in the brief period before all passing into unconsciousness, we set our plan of attack for the first day. It was based on figuring out how to hit the beach if the room wasn’t ready since that would be the “only” day we’d have an ocean bound ad-veeeeen-ture *Jazz Hands*.

We also decided to use our finally remembered Landry membership at the Rainforest Café to have a nice lunch before we all drove home together Wednesday.

We kept to about an eighth of those plans, which isn’t bad for us.

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