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Denver 2018 day 7 Rocky Mountain Plans Die

August 2, 2018

This day required both physical and emotional recovery from the McGinley Trifecta the day before.

As we rested a bit, Titi Luzma watched Ant Man again to see the whole film.

Or more accurately was in and out of the room while it was on,  but stuck around enough to understand what happened with Anabelle and me filling in the details. 

Somewhere in between I got yelled at in Spanish for trying to wash my breakfast dishes. One does not mess with Abuelita’s dishwashing turf.

We had several possible and alternate plans for trips, visits and hikes this day, none of which materialized.

This is why there was no “The Grid” for Denver.

My daughter did spend a chunk of the day asking me for input to create her own list of Disney World Restaurants. 

That’s my girl!

Anabelle hadn’t seen Sing in a couple of weeks, prompting her decision to show it to Titi.  We also watched the end of Jurassic Park when Sing finished, because dinosaur withdrawal in that environment is a real and dangerous thing.

Abuelita continued trying to force feed me giant (and very yummy) peaches throughout the trip.

Following another family tradition, everyone gave me a hard time over my giant, bushy, mad scientist like, attack eyebrows over lunch.

We had an afternoon pool trip for a change, but kept to our normal pool pastimes. Anabelle would pretend to be the maĆ®tre‘d and waitress at a fancy restaurant that served a terrifying blended mash of meat called “Beefs” and insisted on Oysters on everything.

Then I was forced into making up Disney World Trivia by the hot tub yet again.

Uncle Roy used his “Butt Rub” grilling spices to make amazingly good Bison burgers, franks and brats for dinner. The volume consumed due to their amazingly goodness led us to needing another post meal walk around the lake.
Wildlife was in full force as usual.
Flocks of Magpies greeted us at the cattails, and there were Bunnies by the boatload.

I once again annoyed my family by stopping to read signs, a lifelong affliction.  There are no natural lakes in the area, and all the man made ones work with a series of gates, streams and underground connections to be part of the reservoir system.  Neat!

On the way back we saw a pea tree.  (And made puns several different ways, because I’m emotionally six years old.) 
We also saw another giant Denver pile of Ants!

Not to mention a moth ginormous enough to get a pair of small Asian twins to start singing to it.

We had forgotten to bring Anabelle’s swim goggles for the pool and set out on a quest that night. 

The Walmart next door happily provided enough armaments to allow the residents of Cowboyland to fortify their own Paranoia Memorial Bunker, but no goggles.

Siri, once more partaking in the local herbs, guided us directly to the loading docks of a nearby Super Target.  This was in a parking lot in no way connected to the actual building entrance.  Working our way around, we entered near to closing time, and ran around to find goggles, plus the large scale “Doctor Damage” from Cars 3 that Anabelle was looking for.  Multiple New Jersey searches came up empty for that one.  The old action figure and toy collection sense still tingles. I also found the pack of Jurassic Park cars from the original film, which look very nice in the space between my Carnegie Dinosaurs thank you very much.

We (well, I) paused briefly by the massive Mego nostalgia figures display, and realized we probably shouldn't build an addition on our home to house another collection.

We returned to an extra toasty home, as the air conditioner unit had crapped out.  This was another in a long line of crapping, indicating replacement rather than repair was in the future.

Anabelle tried to continue her Disney restaurant list, but MGM is the least linear of the parks, even when not undergoing massive refurbishment.  This caused us to pack it in after my sleepiness led to me messing up several categories.

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