Thursday, October 18, 2012


When we knew our child was on her way, we decided to create a personalized magnetic alphabet to go on her metal closet doors. It has moved with us, and now resides on the freezer.

We started with a set of brightly colored magnetic letters, and a collection of odd magnets already in our possession.  Then the hunt began for the proper picture magnet for each missing letter.

However, there was to be no boring" A is for Apple"  "Z is for Zebra" refernces for our girl.
Most of the selections were mine, though my wife contributed several key choices. More importantly, she maintained the all-important “veto power” to prevent any permanent scarring of the baby:

“No, ‘A’ cannot be ‘Ashley J. Williams’!

“The Gorn is too scary” – (But I did keep the giant reptile theme for that letter!)

Here is the Geek Pop Culture Alphabet we provided.

A is for Archie
B is for Batgirl
C is for Catwoman
D is for Daredevil
E is for Elvis
F is for Fonzie (Richie’s with him, works as “Friends” too!)

G is for Godzilla
H is for Hong Kong Phooey
I is for Iago
J is for Justice League
K is for Kirk

L is for Lone Ranger
M is for McCoy
N is for Nets (Insisted on by my basketball addicted mother as payment for finding several of our crazy ideas for other letters. Thanx Grandma!)
O is for Optimus Prime
P is for Pepe le Pew

Q is for Quick Draw McGraw
R is for R2-D2 (With C-3PO, could be “Robots”, except that they’re “Droids.” Curse you George Lucas.)
S is for Supergirl
T is for Tweety
U is for Underdog

V is for Vulcan
W is for Wonder Woman
X is for X-Men
Y is for Yoda
Z is for Zorro

I figure since I had no shot at growing up ordinary and dull, why should she?


longbow said...

Is Grandma reconsidering now that the Nets have moved to Brooklyn?

Also, I'm curious as to whether you had any class vs. class member problems teacher M-McCoy and a V-Vulcan (i.e. did she want to say Spock because that's the name of the specific Vulcan)

Jeff McGinley said...

Grandma has already informed us that that letter needs to change as the "N word" is no longer allowed in our family's homes.

Since V for Vulcan came after S it didn't come up. (More likely because the alphabet came up before her actually watching Star Trek...although she did know over a half dozen Green Lanterns by name about the same time she mastered the ABCs. That's my girl!)