Monday, October 10, 2016

Treklets Season 1.1

“The Man Trap” - Mom Title:  "Salt Vampire"

On how everyone sees the creature as someone different- before the revelation:
“That’s weird.”
(Note - That was her comment on pretty much everything that didn’t meet the definition of “normal” for today, whether it be from Trek’s future, or Trek’s Production Era’s past.  I won’t be listing them all going forward.)

On the creature after the revelation of the true Salt Vampire form:

On the resolution:
“It’s kinda funny how McCoy’s trying to defend it and his friends ignored him and just shot it.”

Charlie X – Mom Title:  "Teenager with Mental Powers Hits on Rand"

On Charlie:
“He is off putting.”

On Spock’s musical talent:
“I like his lute”
Me – “It’s a Vulcan lyre.”
“I still like his lute.” 

On the scene where he plays the “lute” while Uhura performed along with him:
“The flirty singy thing is scary.”

On Charlie’s card trick:

On Charlie’s disappearing trick:
Obsessively, for the rest of the episode.
Non Stop.
She wouldn’t drop it.
And since we didn’t get to that franchise yet, my answer of “into the cornfield” didn’t help.

Where No Man Has Gone Before – Mom Title: "Silver Eyes"

On the Silver Eyes:
“They’re blinding.”
(Not sure if she was shooting for a double meaning referencing the contacts on that one.)

Spock’s pilot style eyebrows:
“Too pointy uppy.”

Spock and Kirk’s pilot style uniform shirt color:
“They look like poop.”

The Captain’s tombstone:
“James  R!!!!!  Kirk???
What’s up with that?!”
That’s my girl!

The Naked Time – Mom Title: "Kathleen"

On Sulu with a sword:
“Hee hee hee hee!” *fell off the couch laughing*

On Kevin Riley:
“I like the singing guy, he should come back.”

On Uhura:
“Why didn’t it affect her? That would have been awesome.”

On responsibility:
“This is all that stupid guy who touched the red goo on a foreign planet’s fault.

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