Monday, October 24, 2016

Treklets Season 1.2

The Enemy Within – Mom Title: "Good and Bad Kirk"

On the…um…creature:
“That poor poor dog tortured in an ugly suit.”

On the appearance of the doppleganger:
“Bad kirk wears too much makeup.”
“Oh no, he found Janice’s secret stash. Now he’ll have even more eyeliner on.”

Mudd's Women – Mom Title:   "Harry Mudd, and, um…his Women"

On Harry’s alias:
“Leo, who’s Leo?”

On Harry Mudd:
“He looks like a pirate.”

On The Venus Drug:
“That’s a Gerber fruit snack.”

On the effects of the Venus Drug:
“A pill can do THAT?!?!?  Must be the confidence…or something.”

What Are Little Girls Made Of? – Mom Title:  "Robot Kirk and Lurch"

On Doctor Korby:
“It was kind of obvious he was a robot.”

Although, shortly before the above-
On his skin peeling back to reveal circuits:
“Whoah!  That’s disturbing!”

On the Security Team:
“Redshirts!  Do they start dying yet?”
Me “Yes”

On the Robot Making Process:
“It spins and poof, a robot. I think that’s a little full of errors.”

On Ted Cassidy:
“Da Da Da Dum *snap snap*”

Miri – Mom Title:  "Kim Darby and Michael J. Pollard  say Bonk Bonk on the Head"

On the Disease:
“The infection looks like silly putty.”

On Yeoman Rand helping with medical research:
“That’s…kind of surprising.”

On the appearance of most of the Onlies:
“Um…those aren’t kids.”

On McCoy injecting himself:
“That was stupid.  But I see his reasons and it worked, so…Woo Hoo!”

On exploring an unknown world and getting infected:
“They don’t even have protective suits this time. It’s like ‘Nose Picking Guy Part Two.’”

Dagger of the Mind – Mom Title: "Insane Asylum with Inspector Luger"

On the Tantalus Field:
“That hurts my eyeballs.”

On Lethe:
“She’s pretty….and waaaaaaaaaaay creepy.”

On Doctor Helen Noel:
“Her imagination is strange and more than a little scary. 

On Doctor Helen Noel’s uniform:
“Her skirt is too short, even for this show. And that’s saying something.”

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