Monday, October 31, 2016

Treklets Season 1.3

The Corbomite Maneuver – Mom Title: "Clint Howard and his Big Head Puppet"

On memories:
“Is this the one with the big blue head puppet? I like that one!”

On the voice they dubbed over Clint Howard.
“That is way too odd.”

On the probe:
“That’s a pretty floating Rubik’s cube.”

On Spock’s learning more about humanity during the whole “poker” thing:
*constant knowing laughter*

On Star Trek living up to expectations:
“I love this one!”

The Menagerie, Parts I & II - Mom Title: "Captain Pike"

On the Talosians’ heads:
“The nerves bubbling back there are very very sickening.”

On loyalty to characters:
[Throughout the entire set up before the First Officer demands McCoy arrest him]
“It’s not Spock.”
“No way he did it.”
“Uh uh”
“Spock didn’t do it.”

On Talosian powers:
“They can send illusions across the galaxy? That’s terrifying.”

On the Talosian controlled view screen:
“Look, they’re watching Star Trek.”

On the Talosian knowledge of anatomy:
“How come they put her back together so badly when humans look just like them but without a butt on their heads?”

On Spock’s over emotional “The WOMEN!” from the first pilot:
*falls off couch laughing*

The Conscience of the King – Mom Title:  "Shakespearean Actors"

On Doctor Leighton’s injury:
“He has a felt face. I’ve heard of eye patches, but that’s ridiculous.”

ON Kevin Riley:
Wait, don’t kill him!
Oh good, he’s OK. Does he come back?”
Me- “No.”
“That’s sooooo sad.”

On Uhura’s musical skills:
“I didn’t know she can play the lute.”
Me: “It’s a Vulcan Lyre.”
“I still didn’t know she could play the lute.”

On solving the mystery:
[Right after the voice imprint test]
“She did it.”

On Lenore’s character arc:
“She seemed fine and then, POOF! Coo Coo!”

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