Monday, October 21, 2019

Disney 2019 Planning Part 4

May 8, 2018
N minus 467
We open the last remaining bags of Goofy’s character gummis and Chip and Dale’s trail mix.  Luckily they aged way better than the Mickey macaroni. Time to go back and replenish!

May 10, 2018
N minus 465
Whoah, cool!  A new restaurant between Mission Space and Test Track to have an immersive “Space Theme.” If you count the Garden Grill overlooking the farm on the Land boat ride, and the Coral Reef still looking like Seabase Alpha, that’s the third of the Horizons choose your own ending possibilities.

May 22, 2018
N minus 453
I guess I wasn't the only one unhappy with sausage and peppers at the Garden Grill. It’s been replaced with carved pork, yum!  The flank steak was replaced with pot roast, but I may have missed that on the last visit complaining about the fish. Also, it looks like they’ve finally put all the sides from the kids and adults menus into one giant pile.

May 23, 2018
N minus 452
Edna Mode joins the Incredibles in Tomorrowland, because there aren’t enough creepy looking characters about.  Star Wars Land opening announced- Late Fall 2019!  As much as I’d like to see it, I'm thrilled I don't need to navigate nine people through crowds of rabid Star Wars fans when it first opens.  It’s always nice to have an extra reason to go back.

May 25, 2018
N minus 450
Donald’s Dino Bash, a Dance Party with Donald, Daisy, Scrooge McDuck, Launchpad McQuack, Goofy, Pluto and Chip and Dale in dinosaur costumes.  When not dance partying, they Meet and Greet, using those cool Dinosaur statues I always forget are in Animal Kingdom as backdrops.  Neat!

June 3, 2018
N minus 441
I am a huge proponent of living in the now, enjoying the moment, and life being a journey not a destination. Yet when Anabelle’s shows ended this weekend all I could think was, “One recital down, one to go before Disney!”

June 18, 2018
N minus 426
MyDisneyExperience has added bus arrival times for the resorts.  Now as opposed to generally freaking out about getting everyone to the bus stop in the morning, I can specifically freak out about catching an individual bus.

June 30, 2018
N minus 414
Toy Story Land Opens!  Between the Slinky Dog Coaster there and the Mickey ride going into the Great Movie Ride, maybe I’ll get to try the Rock n Roller Coaster again.  Also, Brooklyn Aquarium finally opens new stuff. Nothing to do with Disney, I just like fish!

July 5 2018
N minus 409
They broke up the band!  Toy Story Land Meet and Greets have Woody and Jessie together by Toy Story Mania, with Buzz by the Alien saucers. Do they even watch the movies?

July 17, 2018
N minus 397
Pizzafari is adding family style table service dinners.  They cost less than most breakfasts…smells like a meal plan trap to me.  They’re also fiddling with the menu, cannoli cake may battle the mousse for cheat day choice.

July 26, 2018
N minus 388
Flavortown comes to Downtown Disney. Guy Fieri is opening a chicken quick serve place with a zillion sauces.  Maybe we can shop and have lunch before hitting a park!

August 2, 2018
N minus 381
Anabelle has created a two sided Disney 2019 notebook, she’s listing every restaurant in every section of every park, and outside them.  That’s my girl!

August 3, 2018
N minus 380
VIP seating accessible for Festival of the Lion King show…with $100 a plate meal and safari experience.  Poop.

August 10, 2018
N minus 373
TRON LIGHCYCLES COMING TO TOMORROWLAND!!!!!  For the anniversary in 2021.   We may have to deal with shut downs for rerouting of Walt Disney World Railroad (poop) and Tomorrowland Speedway. (poop…not that we ride it, but it's a good sponge to soak up other guests.)

August 18, 2018
N minus 365
People expected a “one year from now we’ll be in Disney” email from me.  However, since the grid isn’t established yet, that would be silly.  Instead, I sent everyone the postcards I bought on the last trip and then forgot to mail to anyone.  And of course the post office screwed it up and they came late anyway.

August 19, 2018
N minus 364
Anabelle cooks for the family for Grandma's birthday, and themes it to Disney World.  The EP-uh-COT World Showcake and the themed superheroes were highlights.  (Dagger – Haunted Mansion Bride,  Wasp- Tinkerbelle, Hercules and Lockheed- Dreamfinder and Figment, The Living Seas with Namor, Dazzler- woman from Tower of Terror, Beast- The Beast, Kraven the Hunter- Festival of the Lion King singer, Mantis- It’s Tough to Be a Bug)

August 22, 2018
N minus 361
Checking wait times for the corresponding week yields a lot of “everything outside is closed for a thunderstorm” which spikes up waits on other rides at random.  Other times things seem pretty tame.   Gotta file that knowledge away where I can use it.

August 27, 2018
N minus 356
Shopping trip to the Disney store with Grandma yields new shirts and plans to match at different parks.  Better get Gridding soon!

August 28, 2018
N minus 355
All resorts now have the ability to unlock the room door using the Disney app on your phone. Magic Bands are still easier, but I feel this will pave the way for the Disney Chip In Your Head technology.

August 31, 2018
N minus 352
Anabelle realizes she has a “shirt dilemma.”  There are more Disney shirt options than park days planned. That’s my girl.

September 1, 2018
N minus 351
The summer of Extra Magic Hours at MGM every day for the new Toy Story Land is over.  Now there are still normal Extra Magic Hours, plus the paid Early Morning Magic.  No idea what the schedule will be once we get there right before Star Wars Land opens.  Seriously, why do I recon at all?

September 3, 2018
N minus 349
My job just got harder again.  Artist’s Point, the snooty, kinda for grown-ups, two meal costing signature dining in Wilderness Lodge is changing dinner theme this winter to Storybook Dining. An enchanted forest setting with single meal plan price fix menu items and meeting Snow White, Dopey, Grumpy and the Queen.  People who are losing a dinner where they could avoid children are up in arms...


Assuming it’s not completely booked that’s another outside the park dinner we need. ( As none of us, including me, are giving up Floridian Cinderella dinner)

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