Thursday, October 3, 2019

Bat-lets Season 2 Part 1

My daughter hasn’t quite worked up to full commentary on each episode, but its growing.

“Shoot a Crooked Arrow” / “Walk the Straight and Narrow”
Art Carney clearly didn’t care. Too dull for good comments.

“Hot off the Griddle” / “The Cat and the Fiddle”
She enjoyed Catwoman too much to really riff on this one. That will change.
It wasn't that I was distracted by Julie Newmar...honest.

 “The Minstrel’s Shakedown” and “Barbecued Batman:”
On the Episodes names:
“That’s a terrible title, they don’t rhyme.”

On Batman and Robin escaping being cooked on a spit because they planted Bat-bombs in the hallway as a diversion in case they got captured:
“Finally! That’s thinking ahead.”

On the Minstrel’s songs:
“This is my favorite episode so far.” *applauds each song*

“The Spell of Tut”  “Tut’s Case Is Shut”

On “Trojan Horsing” Robin inside the sphinx to trap Tut:
“Why are you leaving Robin in there? He’s useless on his own.”

On the narrator’s cliffhanger question as he stands above (plastic) crocodiles, “Is Robin doomed?”
“Yes, because he’s an idiot.”

On me pointing out Batman hid radioactive material on his sidekick without telling him:
“Like ya do.”

On Tut’s use of derogatory slang:
“You booby?”
“Big ninny?  
His insults are flawless.”

“The Greatest Mother of Them All”/ “Ma Barker”

On the gang being known as the worst shots:
“That explains a lot”

On the quality of some of the one shot “star power” villains:
Anabelle- “Does she come back?”
Me- “No.”
Anabelle- “Good.”

On Batman’s rather flamboyant leap into battle:
Rosa- “Did you see how he jumped?”
Anabelle- “Yes, it was beautiful.”

On Robin stating Legs’s legs reminded him of Catwoman:
“Did you see Batman’s look? That said, “Excuse you! Catwoman’s legs are much nicer.”

“The Clock King’s Crazy Crimes”/ “The Clock King Gets Crowned”
Again, not much here to work with.

“An Egg Grows in Gotham” / “The Yegg Foes in Gotham:

On Egghead in general:
Anabelle- “I’ve been waiting my whole life for this one!”
 “How many egg puns will there be?”
*Egghead makes three in the first scene*
Me- “All of them.”
Anabelle- “YES!!!!”

On Egghead putting the obvious clues together, pointing to Bruce and saying, “You must be Batman:”
“Thank you for figuring it out!”

On Egghead calling himself the “World’s greatest criminal mind:”
Anabelle- “No, that’s Ratigan.”
Me- Vincent Price is Ratigan.”
Anabelle- “EGGS-scuse me?!?!?  That’s convenient!”

“The Devil’s Fingers”/ “The Dead Ringers”

On the Commissioner learning Batman is on an infrequent vacation:
“Maybe the police department will have to do something for a change.”

On Dick breaking his date after Bruce signals him by spilling a drink on her”
“He’s talking to his book.  Isn’t someone going to ask him about that?”

On Batman and Robin matching “note for note” while singing to affect the death trap music punching machine:
“They are not matching. 
Batman is sub-par scatting, and Robin is making robot beeping noises.”

On Aunt Harriet holding Harry at bay with a revolver:
“Aunt Harriet with a gun!
Yes!!!! Dang!!”

On Batman pulling the, even oversized when folded, Bat-Shield from his utility belt:
“Where was that? Up his butt?”

“Hizzoner The Penguin”/ Dizzonner The Penguin”

On the similarity of the Penguin running for mayor plot to a blockbuster film that annoys us both:
“Whenever people ask about Batman Returns I will show them this.”

On the portrayal of how Penguin manipulates people for political gain, stating he’s always seen with the police while Batman hides his identity and is always seen with criminals:
“This is terrifyingly accurate.”

On Penguin’s verbal barbs to Robin:
“Tut tut, wonder midget.”
*Pauses show, stands, applauds and cheers*

On Batman trying to calm down his out of costume sidekick over Peguin’s antics:
Batman- “Patience, DICK...GRAYSON....”
Anabelle- “Subtle.”

On how they break through a locked door:
Me- “Robin carries plastic explosive in his shorts.”
Anabelle- Like ya do.”

“Green Ice”/ “Deep Freeze”
She didn’t like the “not Shere Kahn” Mr. Freeze, and outside of a few “thermal underwear” comments didn't have much to say.

That’s the end of the “no comment” episodes, she really gets rolling from here on out.

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