Thursday, November 21, 2019

Bat-lets Season 2 Part 2

“The Impractical Joker”/ “The Joker's Provokers”

On the Joker’s technical skills:
“Joker made a time machine out of an electric hypnosis box?”

On the chemistry behind Joker’s plan:
“’O H O? That’s not water?”

On Alfred impersonating his cockney cousin:
“Alfred is having way too much fun.”

On Alfred’s source of information:
“Alfred has a thing with Tassels Laverne?”

My comment-  Most of the other villains hit their stride finding their characters in only a couple of episodes, but I feel like Caesar Romero took until this point to really nail the Joker, but man when he got there, did he get there!

“Marsha, Queen Of Diamonds” / “Marsha's Scheme Of Diamonds”
On casting:
Me- It’s Mortica.
Anabelle- “No. Shut up.”

On Marsha seducing Batman:
“If I was Robin I’d go get Catwoman.”

On Robin entering the fight alone:
“Time for Robin to show, once again, he is useless. Ye ha.”

On Batman stating, “I made a sacred vow that no stranger would enter the Batcave:”
“Ah, poof!”

On them entering the cave:
“Alfred’s going to come running in.”
*he does*
“And there he is!”

“Come Back, Shame” / “It's The Way You Play The Game”
On the name used:
“Wait, it’s not Shane?”

On Shame being said to have an axe to grind:
“He’s actually grinding an axe. That’s hysterical.”

On Shame’s hide out:
“Why is he alone in this abandoned town?”

On Robin cheering bullfighting Batman on and yelling, “Ole!:”
“Robin why are you so excited? Stop it.”

On the long and convoluted path to get Robin to “Holy guacamole:”
*Enthusiastic Applause* “That was beautiful.”

“The Penguin's Nest” / “The Bird's Last Jest”
On the Penguin’s modus operandi:
“Every episode with him is 'the Penguin is doing something normal and legal,' and then-
'Oh no he isn’t!'”

On Penguin recognizing Alfred from another episode:

On Batman’s old style leotard costume;
“His tight seams are off center.”

On an unlikely source bashing a vase on the Penguin’s head:
“Yes Aunt Harriet!!!”

“The Cat's Meow” / “The Bat's Kow Tow”
On Catwoman’s lair decorations:
“A swing, a harp, a cat phone… I love her.”

On Catwoman referring to Batman’s “manly baritone:”
“Do they keep doing this?”

On Catwoman’s internal thoughts when they keep cutting to her during the fight scene:
“I’m here for it and I love it.”

On the police once again greeting “Bruce Wayne’s butler” with Batman and Robin:
“No idea. Really?”

“The Puzzles Are Coming” / “The Duo Is Slumming”
On the introduction of Maurice Evans’s Puzzler:
“Puzzles suck. Bring back Riddler.”

On Bruce shooting down Dick’s ideas for answers:
“Batman likes to poop on Robins solutions.”

On Dick’s eventual exasperation:
“Robin has given up. He’s done with these puzzles.”

“The Sandman Cometh” / “The Catwoman Goeth (A Stitch In Time)”
On the villain being referred to as if he is an established foe:
“How do we know Sandman?”

On Dick leaping into action as Bruce tells him what to do on the phone:
“Robin trusts Batman so much. He has no idea what the commissioner is saying.”

On actual skinny macaroni coming out of the Batcomputer:
*pauses playback, stops cold and stares at screen.*

“The Contaminated Cowl” / “The Mad Hatter Runs A Foul”
On the commissioner answering Batman’s guess that the Mad Hatter escaped from jail a while ago:
“Why don’t they tell Batman as soon as a criminal escapes instead of waiting weeks till they do something?”

On the infamous pink cowl:
Anabelle- “That’s beautiful.”
Rosa- *laughs hard enough to fall off the couch.”

On Batman leaving his cowl on in the Batcave:
Anabelle- “But it’s radioactive…"
Rosa- "And pink.”

On David Wayne, even for this series, going over the top and chewing the scenery as the Mad Hatter:
“This is villaining at its finest.”

On our heroes greeting the crowd from the top of the water tower:
“Batman is doing the princess wave.”

“The Zodiac Crimes” / “The Joker's Hard Times” / “The Penguin Declines”
On recognizable cast:
Me- “Hey, that’s Terry Moore from Mighty Joe Young.”
Also me- “The delivery boy is Rob Reiner!”

On Dick’s music practice:
“Multi-millionaire Bruce Wayne got him a crappy wire stand?  
And apparently a Sousaphone.”

On Joker calling them Booted butinskis:
“I’ve never heard that one before.”

On Robin dancing to the groovy modern music:

On the Joker’s disguise:
“His whole disguise is an accent and a cowboy hat. Everyone in Gotham is an idiot.”

On the moll being referred to as a “Nice girl fallen in with a bad element:”
“Like every girl in Gotham.”

On a less than stellar battle:
“This is the worst fight choreography in the whole show. And that’s saying a lot.”

On the Goons all being named after planets:
“Ooh it’s Uranus.”

On the Batmobile pulling up to police headquarters:
Anabelle- “That’s not what headquarters looks like.”
Me- “They said the side entrance.”
Anabelle- “Ah.”

On Joker fooling the cops by wearing a police hat:
“He is a master of disguise.”

On Gotham Geography:
“They just went over the equivalent of the George Washington bridge and pulled over in a small town?”

On the giant clam death trap:
“What is that thing?”
Clams don't do that,
It has teeth?”
*It attacks*
Does Batman keep clones of him because he’s useless and he really dies all the time?”

On Penguin deciding to seduce Venus with:
“Women of America beware! Don Juan penguin is on the loose.”
“And, I'm done.”

On having to fly the Batcopter to use the tackle box like “Bat lab:”
“Why couldn’t they take it out of the copter. Or why isn’t it in the Batmobile?”

On Batman’s portable Bat-phone:
“Batman invented the cell phone.”

On Batman bringing another girl into the Batcave:
“Robins like, ‘I can’t even fight him anymore. What is that? I’m confused.’”

On the final fight scene with the goons:
“Robin is all, 'I’m gonna kick Uranus!'”

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