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Bat-lets Season 2 part 3

“That Darn Catwoman” / “Scat! Darn Catwoman”

The Julie Newmar/ Adam West relationship reaches a peak in Anabelle’s favorite episodes.

On Leslie Gore getting Robin:
“We’re not even five minutes in and Robin’s captured already.”

On Batman’s outrage:
“Fool, just call someone a wench.”

On the revelation that the cataphrenic drug makes people act opposite to how they usually do:
“Is that why Robin is suddenly good with the ladies?”

On Leslie Gore’s song in each episode:
Anabelle- “How long is this gonna be?”
Me- “Her uncle is the producer who does the narration.”
Anabelle- “Too long, yeah.”

On Adam West’s whole “Hey, Cat baby,” tone after he’s (supposedly) affected with cataphrenic:
“As much as I hate this I’m loving it so much.”

On the police trying to arrest the clearly too old and out of shape inventor and his assistant for being Batman and Robin:
“I hate Gotham city.”

On the call the commissioner gets showing relief Batman hasn’t turned bad:
Anabelle- “It’s the president again, isn’t it?”
Commissioner- “Give my regards to Hubert.”
Anabelle- “I called it.”

On Catwoman’s solution to Robin when Batman asks her to join him being, “kill him:”
“I love her so much.”

“Penguin Is A Girl's Best Friend”/ “Penguin Sets A Trend”/ “Penguin's Disastrous End”

On the question of if the Penguin is up to something:
“Have you met penguin. He’s always up to something.”

On Penguin stating the movie he’s making that he conned the dynamic duo into starring in because show biz in "in Batman's blood" will be a gladiator film:
“They’re going to wear gladiator shirts over their costumes, aren’t they?”

On the Batmobile’s license plate:
“The plate says “Gotham City” not the state? Who does that?”

On Marsha’s introduction:
“Why is she naked?”

On Aunt Harriet leading the decency league and asking someone to point out Penguin:
“Aunt Harriet, You fool!”

On Batman in his first scene:
“He doesn’t have a costume.”

On Robin pointing out Batman wouldn’t want to kiss anyone:
“You forget Catwoman. Why is Robin so excited about all this?”

On the weird puppet monster Mortimer peeking out of Aunt Hilda’s cauldron:
*shrug* “What the heck?”

On the catapult that shoots them across town:
“I’m ready to watch this.”
*they soar and land safely in the trunk of the remote controlled Batmobile.”
“No way they survive that, they should have splattered all over the Batmobile?”

On the stolen armor:
“Was is special armor? Is it Mithril?”

On Penguin heading out of Gotham:
“Are they going to Penguinslyvania?”

On Hilda and Marsha’s goons looking for an elderly toad:
“They set out to do that two days ago.”

On Batman and Robin wearing armor for the next scene:
“They didn’t need costumes before. I love how it’s over their costumes like I said.
And why chain mail pants?”

On the Penguin’s weapon of a directional magnet:
“That’s not how magnets work. And I haven’t taken physics yet.”

On the dynamic duo escaping the magnet by removing their armor:
“Wouldn't it attract their belt buckles…AND THE CAR?!?!”

On pulling up to the military headquarters known as the Hexagon:
“It’s labeled.”

On the two military guys being easily fooled into letting Penguin’s gang into top secret areas because they’ll be in the movie:
Note: They are played by, and their voices are easily recognized as, Bob “Commissioner Gordon on the Animated Series” Hastings and Allan “Fred Flintstone” Reed:
“Let’s Yabba daba do this!
So, it’s not just the police that are stupid as heck. It’s everybody.”

On Robin picking up that weird lizards may be connected to Marsha’s Aunt Hilda:
“Jesus! Robin finally did something useful!”

On Batman using the Bat Sound Amplifier:
“That’s a stethoscope.”

On the police and dynamic duo trying to wait out Penguin and his men in the vault:
“Have they been standing there for three days?”

On the result of them being in there, Penguin barreling out in a solid gold tank:
*blankly* “They built a tank out of the gold?
There’s no way.
Plans shmans…there is no way.”
*the tank flattens O’hara’s car*
"There’s no way."
*O’hara survived by getting into a manhole under the car*
"There’s no way.”

On Batman and Robin chasing Penguin:
“Don’t leave O’Hara alone. He needs protection.”

On them watching the completed Penguin film at the end:
“Dick, Why are you so into this movie.”

“Batman's Anniversary” / “A Riddling Controversy”

On Batman’s Anniversary party:
“Chief O’Hara has quite the singing voice.
Batman is crying. Adorable.”

On the Riddler’s vehicle:
“It’s the same frickin’ van they all use just repainted.”

On the slow motion underwater bat-music:
“It sounds like a goose”

On Astin’s Riddler after seeing Gorshin:
“He’s so tame.”

On the use of Batman and Robin’s rocket boots:
“Look at those strings lifting them up.”

On Astin’s costume:
“He’s not wearing the quality Riddler vest.”

On an unexpected piece of equipment:
“There’s a Bat-Machete?”

On locational inaccuracies:
“Fidel Castro is not South American.”

On the riddle solution involving adding up the values of letters in the answers:
“That is the stupidest riddle yet.  Bring back the other guy.”

“The Joker's Last Laugh” / “The Joker's Epitaph”

On Dick’s statement that economics is boring.
“I heartily agree.”

On their being a speaker in the Commissioner’s cufflink connected to an antenna wire running down his leg:
“How did he not notice that?”

On the Bat Spot Analyzer machine:
“That’s not the bat spot analyzer. That thing was always there. Did they put a new sign on it?

On the business index machine:
“No!  They just relabeled everything!”

On Joker’s alias as “W.C. Whiteface:
“I know! It’s Catwoman.  There’s a ‘c’”

On Bruce’s overdramatic speech pretending to be ruined:
“Show biz. It’s in his blood…
Jeeze, Robin laughed and almost blew the whole thing.”

On Robin taking on the robots on his own:
“Usually I’m ‘get em Ernesto!’ But there’s no way this goes well.”

On the reveal that Joker is now the Legal Vice Chairman of the bank:
*Dramatic faint* “Oh no!”

On Bruce mentioning his parents’ murder:
Anabelle- “I thought you said it was only in the first episode.”
Me- “Whoah.”

On yet another relationship stuck in:
“Oh my! Batman is kissing someone again. Let me show you my shocked face.”

On the robot in the trunk looking like a dead stranger in the Batcave:
“And what about the girl who fell into the reactor?:

On Robin’s whispering technique:
Rosa- “Robin covers the wrong side of his mouth when he whispers.”

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