Monday, December 2, 2019

Disney 2019 Planning Part 10

June 19, 2019
N Minus 60
Logged in at 7AM because it's...

First note to the family-
Infinite Thanx to Anabelle for her scouting trip, knowing how to work the phone app, and keeping me focused and on target this morning.

We got everything we planned mostly where we wanted it, (Slinky Dog is now on 2nd day in MGM instead of the first.)  Even the split for Rock and Roller coaster/ Beauty and the Beast show came because she could use the app quickly.

I put the start time of each FastPass window on the grid, but remember they're an hour long each. (Except for the ones for shows.) We don't have a Lion King show FastPass but we do have a target time the first day when we'll be in Africa so that's on the grid. We can figure out a time the second day we're there more on the fly.

Anabelle’s answer:
Thee is welcome :)

Love Anabelle :D

Second note to the family:
If you have a FastPass for something you won’t be going on it can be easily switched. I'd wait a little bit in case they throw another last minute schedule curve at us.

They should be grouped better this time (Frozen ride near Norway lunch, Land Boat Ride and Soarin’ before and after Garden Grill lunch, Splash and Big Thunder Mountain times near each other).

The EPCOT Figment and Nemo FastPasses are place holders, we probably don’t need them.

No one seemed too excited about Space Mountain, and it didn’t fit in close to when we were in Tomorrowland. We'll be in Magic Kingdom for both night and morning Extra Magic, it can be hit then if desired.

We'll probably hit small world multiple times without the FastPass, but the one we grabbed is on our way past that section when the line usually builds up, and we get to see our names this way.
[Later edit- Or not.]

Kim and Dave, I know you and the girls like Kali River Rapids in Animal Kingdom.  Options for that are 1) when we first get to the park first Animal Kingdom day, 2) at the end of the day when the line drops on the first day in Animal Kingdom 3) if you don’t care about meeting Mickey and Minnie again on the second Animal Kingdom day (Minnie is kind of rare lately that's why we used the FastPass) you can switch that FastPass.  4) Extra Magic hours morning the second day we're in Animal Kingdom.
[Later edit- Or not. I really need to get better at reading "attraction hours."]

Anabelle used google docs to make an editable shirt grid for everyone.  That’s my Girl!

Here is her introduction to it:
Hey everyone!

So, I know that the shirts are on the grid, but for my own personal satisfaction, I am making a thing just for the shirts. By the way, none of the shirt selections made last night had to be shifted around except for Morgan's EPCOT shirts. This was done because a) we have a Nemo fastpass that day, although we'll probably go both days, and b) in case my Mom picks her Nemo shirt to wear that day. This is all for the photo op folks :D

Here is where y'all are in the shirt picking process:

Aurora, Me- Done.

Veronica, Morgan- Done with actual clothes but still need to decide if wearing costumes.

Dad- needs to finalize one or two days.

Mom- has shirts, but needs to narrow them down to the number of days (the struggle is real for all of us).

Grandma- is probably winging it the whole time (but I did put your Timon and Pumbaa shirt for the same day that Dad is wearing his Scar shirt and Mom is probably wearing her Lion King shirt).

Auntie Kim- your section is relatively barren, but that's just because I don't know how many Maleficent/villain shirts you have and what else you want to wear.

Uncle Dave- all hope is lost :)

Also, I color coded all of the matching that I could find.
Update the document/me as needed.

Love Anabelle :D

June 22, 2019
N minus  57
My planning tech has started to go the way of my parents pencil and paper. Anabelle's taking point on the shirts using Google Sheets means now everyone is giving her their shirts and asking her to set them up. That’s my girl!

June 23 2019
N minus  56
A couple issues we need to deal with.  Kali River Rapids isn’t on Extra Magic.  Should the people who want it be switched from Dinosaur which is?  
There’s a two hour and forty minute gap between the Magic Kingdom closing and our Snow White Artist’s Point dinner.  Not really enough to go back to our room but a heck of an amount of time to kill.  Should we resort hop on the monorail before ferrying over?  Take a long monorail ride to EPCOT and back for fun?  Who knows?

June 26, 2019
N Minus 53
Close enough that closures and refurbishments and changes are coming into focus.   The March of the First Order disappears off the schedule on July 7th.   I guess the connection to “jackbooted thugs” was a little strong.

Possible Time killer- the night we eat with Snow White. There are 12 hidden Mickeys in the Wilderness Lodge, you can ask at the front desk and they give you clues!  The family is generally excited about this.
[Later edit- Until they get the extremely vague clues and find out they are all over the resort grounds, not just in the lobby.]

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Dina Roberts said...

I love all the shirt planning and coordinations.

I'm impressed with you making plans for everyone. I have enough trouble planning for just Tim and Jack.

Jeff McGinley said...

Many thanx. I have gotten better over time. And now having Anabelle join in makes it easier to take advantage of new technology.