Monday, February 3, 2020

Disney 2019 Planning Part 11

June 27, 2019
N Minus 52

Weird.  The crowd calendar predictions on has dropped every day we’re going to be there, except the second week BEFORE StarWarsland opens has MGM spiking really high. Maybe the site has the opening day wrong.

June 28, 2019
N  Minus 51
Close enough to see closures.  No Marty for us, “Oh Canada” closed from August first to late 2019.  Primeval Whirl closed on June 15 and will open “late summer.” We may catch it.

Anabelle- “Oh Canada”? More like “No Canada” 😝

At least we might catch the teacup coaster!
[Later Edit...nope.]

June 29, 2019
N Minus 50
I was going to send out the “Fifty Days Left” email, but Anabelle beat me to it:

“FIFTY DAYS LEFT!!!!!!!” With celebration emojis I can’t reproduce and a picture of the small world clock!
That’s my girl!

July 1, 2019
N Minus 48
Another advantage of missing StarWarsland:  MGM FastPass Tiers will reset when it opens  putting Rock and Roller Coaster and Terror O’ Tower into tier one along with the three Toy Story Land rides.  This starts when we leave, and means those people  can only pick one of those five per day.  With no FastPasses for the new Star Wars ride, and reservations needed to get into the new land itself, I am very happy with the schedule we have.

July 5, 2019
N Minus 43
It's a miracle!!!  Anabelle and I did the final pass through the Disney Pictures from three years ago. Rosa finally went through them a while ago for her sections. We now have a small enough number to order and put in an album before we go again! Yay!

July 6, 2019
N Minus 42
Disney Buses now have the Sensational Six on the sides, cool!

Yup, the First Order March ends today.  But they’re being redeployed to Bantu.  I wonder how long before Star Wars Launch Bay shuts down?

July 8, 2019
N Minus 41
Aurora joins in sending a Disney Celebration email
“40 DAYS TILL DISNEY! “ (line of non-translating emojis)

Close enough. She’s probably using a countdown clock so the main number went to 40.

Based on Anabelle’s reply, I think the emojis had to do with a HIDDEN COWBOY in the smiley faces.

The "Liberty Inn" burger and hot dog place in America in EPCOT is closing to be replaced by the Regal Eagle Smokehouse barbecue place. EPCOT may finally get ribs!  Sadly, I doubt they'll get the new place open in a month and a week, but we can hope.

Grandma- That’s great and makes much more sense. Now we have another reason to go back in 3 or 4 years.

July 9, 2019
N minus 40
The Build a Band website comes back, partially and briefly. Only a few designs are there, Kim grabbed some but most sold out while she was looking at them.

July 10, 2019
N minus 39
Some more MagicBands appear at 5am, I tell the family, they pick new ones. By 9am, those are gone, but other new ones show up. I go to order, those are gone too. Some old ones come back, but none can be ordered. Then they seem to work, but don't, and Anabelle’s regular band disappears leading to a twenty minute call to fix it.  This system sucks. 

Not only that but the Tomorrowland sign disappeared! 
And the ribs at Tortuga Tavern…it’s an epidemic I tells ya.

I can live with the ribs being gone but the Tomorrowland sign is breaking my heart. Maybe it’ll be back by the time we go.

I can only pray. OXZ

They're probably just cleaning it.

It’s too early to change the name to something digital based, the Tron and Wreck it Ralph things aren’t open yet.
[Later edit, it was a new streamlined sign.]

July 11, 2019
N minus 38
MagicBands are still a mess, even at  Four A.M. (Sleep is for the weak, might as well practice overdoing it for the trip.)

A rabies warning is issued based on a feral cat around EPCOT.  No wonder they built Animal Kingdom so far away.

On the positive side, WE HAVE DISNEY PICTURES FROM THE LAST TRIP!  It only took 970 days. That must be some kind of record…not the good kind.

July 12, 2019
N minus 37
A trip to the Bronx Zoo’s children’s zoo opens Anabelle first interaction with the farm animal section now that she wasn’t terrified to touch and feed the animals like when she was little. She bonds with a goat!  Does this mean we’ll finally go to Rafiki’s Planet watch?  (No.)

July 13, 2019
N minus 36
After insane amounts of stress a Minnie Magic Band Anabelle hadn’t seen showed up on an old browser…and still wouldn’t load.  Rosa loaded it on the other computer…and wasn’t able to pick anything for her or me…
BUT MINNIE WORKED. WOO HOO!  No more waking up at 3AM every night to check magic bands!!!!!

And the weird “extra me” has vanished without deleting our reservation!!!  YAY!

Bonus hour! Animal Kingdom stays open till 9:30 the first night we’re at that park. YAY!

July 14, 2019
N minus 35
After nine hundred and seventy three days, thanx to the tireless efforts of Anabelle sorting them and putting them in the binders Rosa found, we have Disney Photo Albums!!!!

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