Thursday, February 27, 2020

Subliminal Film Crew: The Revenge

I wasn’t planning on writing other dream posts, but  I seem to have insulted someone.
Yes, I have apparently offended my Subconscious Set Designers.

My wife and daughter were having a “Mami and Me” night, leaving me to sleep in Anabelle’s bed.

Perhaps since the last time I regularly slept in a twin bed was Up the Lake before I was married this dream was inspired.

In contrast to other times where the environment is “dream combinations,” I was clearly in our old room- “the kid’s room” -Up the Lake.

The bedroom was fully and photo-realistically recreated down to the smallest details.

The beds, the cartoon sheets, the flashlight, novel and comic book covered night table, the seldom used fishing equipment, the posters on the wall, the visible beams on the ceiling, the blue and green square and circleish print linoleum floor, the football curtains…all of it.  

It was a full moon, which I could tell not by seeing the moon, but by the level of brightness in the room.

Yes, even the Subconscious Lighting Crew was in fantastic form this evening.

I was lying in the bed at night.
(“I'm sleeping, and I'm dreaming that I’m sleeping. So I’m enjoying two sleeps,” to quote Buddy Hackett which anyone who knows me is aware I will do without provocation on a constant basis.)

Suddenly, the door to outside, which was clearly locked, began to slooooooooowly creak open.

I could see it is being pushed by a hand of some sort, but what the hand was made of…
The flesh of an lunatic friend playing a prank
Was not clear.

I immediately leapt out of bed to slam the door on whatever creepy thing was sneaking in.

The Subconscious Film Crew teamed up with the Voluntary Nervous System Power Company to punish me for criticizing their lack of accuracy in set design.

I actually attempted to leap out of that side of the bed I was in.

Very much unlike my old bed Up the Lake, my daughter's bed has that side up against the wall.

I slammed into that wall forehead first, bounced off, and spent the rest of the night in an unconscious, but thankfully dreamless, state.