Monday, February 10, 2020

Disney 2019 Planning Part 12

July 16, 2019
N minus 33

Anabelle updated her digital countdown clock :
“This is counting down to 4:45 am the day we leave. So, we’ll be together when it goes off!! Woohoo! Tomorrow is 33 days!!!
Love Anabelle”

Grandma’s answer: “You are Awesome. You are definitely a chip off the old block with a little of me in there too. OXZ”

The Grid does not fall far from the tree.

I called All Star Sports and found out I could call in on August 8th to confirm room togetherness requests made on booking.    

Grandma- I think this sounds fine.  Just one thing, you are calling on the 8th . That means everything will work out great.

Because  My Mother – Your Grandmother will be overseeing everything. OXZ

July 17, 2019
N minus 32

From Grandma:
  I like unconventional counting.
Disney World 4 Weeks & 4 Days Away


July 18, 2019
N minus 31
Astro Orbiter closed yesterday, thank goodness it will reopen before we go.  It’s a great crowd sucker to pull people out of our way in Tomorrowland. We’re certainly not riding it.

One Month from Today…
Stupid o’clock in the morning will be a time of celebration!
Grandma- “  I don’t think I’ll even sleep that night. I’ll be too excited. OOO XXX ZZZ”
Kim- “Same here.  WooHoo!!!!!!!!!”
Me- “That's what makes the ‘Who will pass out on which ride first’ pool so amusing!” 

The one…ONE bad thing about leaving before Star Wars Land opens.  Kylo Ren is leaving the Launch Bay and Darth Vader is coming back on August 29th.

July 19, 2019
N minus 30
MagicBands Shipped!!!!

We’re checked in. I sent Mom and Kim instructions to check in. I bet they’ll make me do it when I see them Sunday.
[Later edit- A yup, they did.]

One Month from Today…
We'll be watching Princesses wish Grandma a happy birthday while eating fish and potatoes in Norway.

And probably catching our breath even though we have a Frozen FastPass+ right before it, because no matter how hard we try, we always end up rushing to just barely make the reservation time on this one.

This time my money's on drying off after an unexpectedly soggy "backwards in a boat."
[Later edit- Or squeezing in an Anna and Else meeting, we're so predictable.]

July 20, 2019
N minus 29
Kim’s MagicBands come!!!!

And of course, after I sent the Grid out, some hours changed again.

One Month from Today…
We'll be singing along to the end of the Lion King show and dancing around Africa on the way to the Tusker House to stuff our faces with an awesomely varied and African infused buffet...


Anabelle- YES CORN DOGs .  Hopefully no random children throw up this time👍🏻😋
Aurora- I agree with that statement. About the corndogs and the kid throwing up.😋

Additionally, I couldn’t help myself and made a file of our table service menus again.

I also tried to highlight my jokes in "bold" to make them easier to find,
(my jokes can be stealthy sometimes)
but there are some non bolded ones as well.  because I did it late at night and was kind of loopy.

get your highlighters out everyone

Grandma-     Sometimes, I feel I’m too compulsive. I fixed everything so it was more connected pages and then printed them one at a time so I could put everything on one side or 2 sides  the way they fit.. I’ll bring my book tomorrow for you to see.

Me- Nice to know my family is just as excited, and just as obsessive as I am!

July 21, 2019
N minus 28

One month from today…
We'll be somewhere in Frontierland at the beginning of what is likely a fifteen hour day in the Magic Kingdom...

I’m sure we'll be fine.

Grandma- I wonder how many places I’m going to fall asleep that day. OLD AGE is definitely not creeping. Its running rampant OXZ

Me-  Yes, but think about what a wonderfully happy, peaceful and contented sleep it will be.

Anabelle set up a Disney themed dinner for the family, and wrote a play the kids did about finding Infinity Stones to save Disney World, nametags based on MagicBand printing and an awesome Tiki Room cake.

She also got her name on for getting the “Where in the World” correct. The student has surpassed the master. I read it all the time but never entered.

Update from Grandma on the menu list:
The dining info is great.  Your jokes a very funny and very apropos. I spent the night looking at everything and boy did I get HUNGRY.

 I have picked out some very definite choices and a few double choices that I will have to prune down when the time comes. But my mouth was watering for it all.  Thanks for giving us the heads up. It will make dining choices go easier. I used red pens and blue pens and highlighter for the very special. OXZ

Me- Thank you, I’m sure enough will change to allow some on the fly surprise decisions, but like you said, its all about the enjoyment of anticipation. I know Anabelle has her highlighter ready too.



Dina Roberts said...

I love your family's Disney excitement and obsession!

Your mom seems really wonderful.

Jeff McGinley said...

Thank you so much. She is amazing.
Thank you again