Monday, February 24, 2020

Disney 2019 Planning Part 13

July 22, 2019
N minus 27

One month from today…

We'll be watching Beauty and the Beast on our first day in MGM...and half of us will be trying to pull out eyballs back out of our skull after playing "Magnetic Levitation Man- the Home Game."

Our Magic Bands come, yay!

Mix of bad news, and other news.

The Guardians of the Galaxy Awesome Mix Dance Party in EPCOT ends the day we get to The World, (before we go to EPCOT the next day.)  No doubt to make room for the entertainment for the drunken hordes at the upcoming Food and Wine festival after we leave.

There's a thing ending in September referred to as "Discover seldom-seen Disney friends at the flagpole in Town Square."

There is an old list 

Friday - Judy and Nick
Saturday - Phineas and Ferb
Sunday - Chicken Little and Abby Mallard
Monday - Robin Hood and Little John
Tuesday - Gideon and Foulfellow
Wednesday - Remy and Emile
Thursday - Prince John and Friar Tuck

Looks like we'll be there for Zootopia (yay) Chicken Little (Boo) and the Rats (a mixed reaction to say the least.)
However they all may be in the shake it celebrate it thingy.
[Later Note: They weren’t and we missed them all.  Alas.]

July 23, 2019
N minus 26

One month from today…

We’ll be starting Extra Magic Hours in the Magic Kingdom (and in Fantasyland if I know us.)  It's a little earlier in the vacation and not pushed back to 7AM, increasing the chances of everyone making it this time.

Anabelle- YAYYYYYY

Sadly, the Railroad is listed as closed for the duration of our trip.  OH NO !!!

It also confirms that the Star Wars projection and fireworks show is nightly in MGM a half hour after the park closes.

Entertainment for late nigh shoppers, I guess.

Grandma-    My Heart is Broken.  Star Wars Firework Good but not nearly as important in my heart as the railroad.  Good thing I have my cassette from Dad and my 2002 Trip. I can listen to the railroad announcement and songs a lot before and after we go.   OOO XXX ZZZ

Me Again- Yeah, I thought with the Tomorroland Speedway opening so fast we'd have a shot on the TBD nature of the railroad, but it’s not to be.
We'll just have to pick other restful lineless attractions when that need strikes.
(Carrousel of Progress... who knows, maybe a triumphant return to Tom Sawyer island?)
Kim- I want to go to Tom Sawyer Island.  I always liked it. 

Dates for Super Deluxe Annual Pass people to see Star Wars Land announced. They overlap our vacation but not on MGM days.  Wonder what happens between those and the real opening?

July 24, 2019
N minus 25

One Month From Today…

We'll be within Land Pavilion Party Time, with a Garden Grill Lunch sandwiched between Soarin' and the Land Boat Ride FastPasses.

In other news: did you know the Garden Grill is just the name of the restaurant and I've heard this meal is now called "Chip 'n' Dale's Harvest Feast." 

I'm not sure I believe it though, I've also heard rumors one of the other parks is changing its name from MGM, but that can't be right.

By the way, the lyric “the air is always filled with orange blossom smell”, not “possum smell”😂😂 I smell a soarin tie in??? RIP ORANGE SMELL AND LAND SONG😩
Love Anabelle :)
Ps: it’ll always be MGM to us silly old father of mine😄

Me- This is embarrassing, I never noticed that lyric in there.

Maybe that's why they took the song out?  Y'know, when they took out the smell that came years after the song went in.



Disney emails our “final itinerary.”  Odd since The Grid has been locked for weeks.  It included telling us to reserve Magic Express. I thought we did, but I guess you have to do that manually now. Good thing, the flight times switched a bit.  A little more Disney time, and now leaving at slightly stupider o’clock in the morning.

July 25, 2019
N minus 24

One Month from Today…
We the Magic Kingdom (YAY!) for a day Anabelle dubbed the FastPass list "The Classics."

That ties in nicely with a late lunch in the Castle itself.

About now we'll be in the window of the first FastPass for the Haunted Mansion. After that we'll we work our way toward the left side of the park for the second (Pirates of the Caribbean) finishing up the three on the way back to the castle with a "Cut through the mid-day crowd and get a personal name drop at the end of " its a small world after all.

I'm sure we'll find plenty to do between the passes and after lunch as well.

Anabelle- 🥳🥳woooohooooo

Grandma- This day makes me very excited with anticipation. OOO XXX ZZZ

Me- They all do, but this one has a bit of extra magic to it.

PhotoPass news: That Terror o' Tower now has a video as well as pictures.
Anabelle told me about this a while ago, but I forgot because though my brain is still a bucket of information, it leaks a lot lately

July 26, 2019
N minus 23

One Month From Today…
We'll be nearing the end of extra magic hours in Animal Kingdom.

The question of how many of us will have the energy and drive to make extra magic hours in Animal Kingdom after a week and a day of Disney fun remains to be seen.
[Later edit:  It was everybody. Of course it was.]



Dina Roberts said...

I'm impressed that everyone made it to the magic hours at Animal Kingdom. I look forward to reading about that.

Did your dad make the cassette?

I think they should bring back the Land Song. Although maybe not...because I've become a bit attached to all the recorded narration. And I kind of like the instrumental music.

Actually...I like it a lot.

Jeff McGinley said...

The narration is good, but we have strong ties to the old EPCOT music. When EPCOT was new was when we had our first on property family vacations there. We imprinted. It would be nice to lead or end with the old song.

Dad bought her the music of the parks albums, which she has on cassettes in her car.

Thanx again for playing along at home!