Thursday, January 30, 2020

Denver 2019 Musical Finale

It's official! -I've been blogging for nine years.

It's also official, I'm not famous - yet.

However, I do deserve a day off.

Therefore, I will let all of you share in the sheer insanity of the performances that have been accompanying our car rides for a while now.

I leave you in the capable performing hands of my daughter and her associates.


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Grandma said...

Anabelle, You are the Coolest and Craziest girl. I love you so much. BRAVO!

Anabelle (yes the Anabelle gloriously seen above) said...

Thank You Grandma!!!! It seems as though stuffed animal choreography is a talent of mine......also this may or may not have taken like 4 hours when I should totally have been packing for Disney :)

Dina Roberts said...

If it was up to me, your whole family would be famous. Including all the stuffed animals...and that Corn lego guy.

Jeff McGinley said...

Thanx, I needed that. Both for the lift from the compliment, and the Corn Man reference that made me spit take a pretzel. Totally worth it.