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Disney 2019 Planning Part 6

February 7, 2019
N minus 192
Proof that Disney knows what it’s doing when it comes to the important things for handling people better than anyone else.  They’re doing construction NOW on MGM bathrooms for increased capacity and access when Star Wars Land opens.

February 11, 2019
N minus 188
Kevin from Up Wandering Animal Kingdom!  Cool!

February 12, 2019
N minus 187
Anabelle planned to wear her Brother Bear shirt to EPCOT in March for the band trip, since she saw the bears in Canada when she was little…until she learned today that Koda is in a Discovery Island Dance Party in Animal Kingdom.  She thought she had all her shirts picked out. The struggle is real.

February 14, 2019
N minus 185
Disney World celebrates Villaintines Day!  Why do we always miss those? 

And Paige O’Hara showed up in France from now up to the 18th to see Belle and the Beast and showcase her art.  (Since I had Jodie Benson behind me on a roller coaster and didn’t notice, I can’t complain about missing that.) 

Ralph and Vanellope have moved into the Imagination Pavilion as the institute creates a portal to the internet, to take up the massive waste of space digital photography created in the former Kodak sponsored location!

February 19, 2019
N minus 180!!!
One hell of a morning!

I got up to log in at 6AM to do the 180 days before Disney dining reservations for all nine of us in August.

First, our vacation days weren't accessible because the link from my email didn't connect to the fact that I already logged in. But I fixed that quick.

I immediately found the new Wilderness Lodge Snow White dinner for all nine of us that looked completely booked when I checked it last week.

Then the site kept giving me error  messages for the credit card (needed to secure reservations, not pay for them). It finally worked but I didn’t know how.

Then  after seeing two vanish while I looked, (AAAAAH!) I found a Castle Lunch reservation for all nine of us on another Magic Kingdom day, and the same thing happened. I was totally freaking out.  Then I got it to work by accident and figured out the glitch was clicking the box to "save my credit card" which I kept doing because I couldn't figure out how to make it work and figured it would save it if it happened again.

Now that I was typing the number in each time, the rest of the picks went smooth and I got all ten table service locations we wanted for the trip (plus a Be Our Guest  reserved quick service lunch) for all nine of us. (After all this typing of “All nine of us” I may start to call us “The Fellowship.”) 

I had to make a quick call at the end to get the Garden Grill since it wouldn't let me book an overlapping four and five on line like it used to.  
[Later edit- However, just like it used to, they sat us all together anyway.]

Heck I even got a Sci Fi dine in theater for all of us, which 
A) I had trouble getting for only three of us and 
B) I was told didn't take reservations for over eight people.

Woo hoo!  Happy Half Birthday Mom!

I can rest till FastPass time in June now.

February 20, 2019
N minus 179
Since nobody asked, here’s the logic behind the meal choices:

Day 1 Plaza Dinner the first day, Easiest to rebook during the trip if a delay makes us miss it.  Nice Main Street sigh of “we’re here” beginning.

Day 2 Akershus.  Food and Wine Festival may start the next day we’re in EPCOT.  Mom should have princesses on her birthday. I figure it makes sense to do the EPCOT Death March when we’re fresh instead of exhausted for a change. I’ll try to get the Frozen FastPass near here, and put the Soarin’ one on the return to EPCOT Saturday.  We may be able to get on Soarin’ this morning first thing without too long a wait. It’s worth two rides.

Day 3 Animal Kingdom closes a half hour earlier than other parks, but we’ll definitely be at it the whole day. (EPCOT has Extra Magic this night.)  Didn't want the Tusker House lunch on the other day that we’re leaving earlier.  Possible Flame Tree Barbecue dinner (Mom…and Rosa, they have ribs!)

Day 4 Crystal Palace big ole buffet lunch. Looong Magic Kingdom day, with Extra Magic night, we’ll need fuel. Couldn’t get the Castle this day when I first tried. Then when I booked Crystal palace it popped up , but I wasn’t chancing cancelling anything. It’s destiny. (No escaping that’s for me!)

(Possible Woody’s lunch box dinner.)

Day 6 HOLY CRAP I GOT SNOW WHITE TOO!!!!  It’s a late one, so I booked the Be Our Guest lunch to remind us to eat after starting early with Extra Magic. (We forget that sometimes.)  The food at the other counter service you can book (Skipper Canteen) looks kind of eclectic and weird. (And that’s me saying that)

Day 7 Garden Grill lunch.  Since we have park hopper and this is later in the trip, I didn’t want to tie us down to our usual late night Garden Grill meal.  Plus if the Food and Wine Festival starts, we want to steer clear of all but the edges of World Showcase.

Day 8 Eating in the Castle, we take whatever time we can get. Minimum of twelve hours in the magic kingdom that day, so a late stop at Sonny Eclipse isn’t out of the question.

Day 9 Animal Kingdom “bonus day.” Possible Fame Tree Lunch. Possible shopping or hopping. Dinner with Cinderella at 8 gives us time to get there from wherever we end up, even if we stay in Animal Kingdom most of the day.

Day 10 (This is a long trip, thanx Mom!)  MGM all day. Nothing booked but there’s counter service everywhere, including Woody’s toy box (Mom) and ribs at the commissary (Rosa.) Plus EPCOT is next door (and has Extra Magic night hours) for more varied dinner options now that we’re “hoppers.”

Day 11 Check out is at Eleven, but I think extended check out is free till 1PM if they allow it. We could ask for at least one room  (We did that last time, didn't we?) and leave all the bags there until after breakfast. Good idea to see Mad Hatter this day. (Nice one, Mom.)  Then it doesn't cut into park time.

I think our family motto is “You can never have enough park time.”

February 21, 2019
N minus 178
EPCOT announcements: They’re redoing the whole area on both sides of the Big Ball and the old Wonders of Life pavilion will be a play themed interactive city.  They’re using the Odyssey “Pavilion” to showcase sneak peeks of all the changes that will be there after we go.  I'm just excited to finally get to see the inside of Odyssey after all these years!  
[Later edit-  Or not.  learn to read the opening dates, Mr. Where Will We Go Next Guy.]

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