Thursday, November 7, 2019

The Creature from the Black Lagoon Through a Kid’s Eyes

So much for any type of chronological order to these.

Oh well, at least she’s watching them.

On the opening description of life on earth:
Movie- “In the beginning…”
Anabelle- “Oh boy.”

On the focus on the Amazon Rain Forest:
“Is he Peruvian?”

On the explorer drinking from a natural source:
Maybe the title should be Cholera from the Black Lagoon.”

On identifying it as Brazil when she didn’t recognize what was said:
*Googles quickly* That’s not Spanish or Portuguese.

On the scientist explaining that because the lungfish hasn’t changed in millions of years it was therefore an evolutionary failure:
Anabelle- “wait…”
Me- “Uh, no.”

On the overly magnified fish tank in the lab:
“Ooh is that a flappy ray?”

On the Gill-man (or his hand) attacking the two local helpers in the tent:
“Oh no!! Tomas!!! And…not Tomas.”

On the scientist screaming for the killed Luis:
“What about Tomas!?”

On the Gil-man signing Kay:
“It’s too early to kill the pretty girl.
Why isn’t she wearing pants they’re in the rainforest?”

On learning the natives call the end of the river, the Black Lagoon.
“ Gasp!!!” *nudge nudge*

On the outfits of the explorers:
“Why are they all dressed like safari Mickey?”

On the rock crusher’s actions being described as like eating:
“Crush them up and killing things? Yeah, that’s the same as eating.”

On the Gill Man’s appearance:
“Aaaaaaaaaahh!!”  *real scream*
(Every time it showed up.)

On the flower given to Kay:
“Thank you David you got me a weed.”

On the underwater experts describing underwater activity:
“Like, down there. Like, every other place I’ve SCUBAed.”

On Kay saying she’d like to see the lagoon:
*mimes pushing*
*Kay actually goes for a swim*
“Boo! No, don’t go in creature infested waters!
Ooh, is she one of those pretty swimmer persons?”

On the Gill-man’s suit enforced motions:
“He swims so weird.”

On the Gill-man pining after Kay:
Rosa- “He’s like the little mermaid.”
*The Gill-man swims up to the camera*
Rosa and Anabelle- *singing* “Part of your woooooorld!”

On the Gill-man attacking the boat and making it rock:
*Real scream!*
“What was that? There’s something on the wing!”

On the boat being rocked again
*Screams again*
“He’s breaking the boat.”
*they talk about securing the winch*
*screams again…pause* “What’s a winch?”

On the explorers attacking the Gill-man:
“Oh no they shot him! That’s not very nice.”

On the crew noting the Gill-man isn’t in any of the pictures:
“Hey guys, he’s right outside”
*Gill-man bursts in*
“Screams again!*

On the guy throwing his cigarette in the water:
“Hey, that’s littering”
*Gill-man surfaces*
“Screams again!*

On the Gill-man climbing on the boat:
*Screams again!*

On the crew being told to bring a net:
Me- “Who’s Annette?”
Anabelle- “Yeah, her name is Kay…Wait a minute.
That was not very funny.”

On the Gill-man approaching Kay:
“Oh no!” *screams again!*

On all the screaming at the end of the movie:
“This is very climactic!”

On the possible need to sacrifice Mark to move the tree the Gil-man has blocked the lagoon with:
“I’m down with sacrificing Mark.”
*Mark punches David*
“Now I’m 100% down with sacrificing him.”

On the Gill-man carrying Kay off:
Anabelle- “Oh no! He took her!”
Rosa- “I told you.” *sings* “Kiss de girl”

On the Gill-man killed by being shot a couple of times:

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