Thursday, November 19, 2020

Collaborative Songs Part 2

My brother-in-law sent me the beginning of this many years ago. I threw on some verses and sent it back, and we e-mailed back and forth, during what must have been an outstandingly productive day at work for both of us, until it reached its completed state.

Then we forgot about it for eleven years, until he found it on an old storage drive.

And now, here it is!

Home and Deranged
Concept by Dave Luer
Lyrics by Dave Luer and Jeff McGinley
(Parody of Home on the Range)
Completed October 23, 2009

(Click here for the music if you want to sing along)

Oh, show me a home,
Where the buffalo roam,
And I’ll show you a house full of chips.
As around them we slide,
We have dirtied our hide,
Every time any one of us slips.
Home, home and deranged.
Our canines came down with the mange.
The cat is now flat,
Nothing better than that
From a large mammal that’s kind of fat.
They charged in through the gate
and not one stopped to wait .
Bison filled our entire floor plan.
They sat on the TV
and there's no place to pee
'Cause the big one got stuck in the can.
Home, Home and deranged.
This’d be funny if up on the stage.
But since it is not,
We’re in a tight spot.
Wedged ‘tween the fridge and the range….
Now we’re stuck so we sulk,
Doors are blocked with their bulk,
So there’s no way we’ll ever get loose
It can only get worse
As we finish this verse,
They’ve invited their cousins the moose.
Home, home and deranged
We would like our predicament changed
For our house is now full
Of a whole lotta bull
Which are easy as pie to enrage.

What is it with my family and collaborative cattle songs?

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