Thursday, January 18, 2024

Grandma Treks, the Return Part 2


This should have been right after the other post...
But my Mom and I both completely forgot she owned these three movies, delaying her viewing.

This is embarrassing on both of our parts as she owned them, and I knew she owned them, yet it still took me a week to say, "Don't you own these? I think I remember you asking me where the best place to get them was and picking them up when I got mine."
and she had to physically go check.

What makes it worse is, second in frequency only to the two of us saying, "Dad would have loved this," when we saw the films together was us both saying, "I need to get the disc as soon as it comes out."

Here's her notes for the true end of this family foray into one of our favorite franchises:


I watched it today while I was doing some Christmas box filling. I watched it carefully and if I had to go to another room, I paused it. That took extra time to see it but it was worthwhile. I was so happy during every scene. I remembered it all, sometimes as it started to happen but without any memory lost on it. It was so Fantastic. I realized when I finished that it really made me feel like it was a reality that the time travel caused these people to be different looking yet so much the same.

It was truly a heartwarming experience. Can’t wait to start the other two. Thanks for creating this need for me to watch it. OXZ

Into Darkness

It kept my interest, but mostly my interest in the crew. It made me happy but also mostly because of the interaction of the crew. Over the years Khan has become less and less of my person of interest. OXZ


Wow, I didn't really remember this one. I only remembered it as it was happening, but I did remember how great it was as it went along. I really loved this one. I guess I haven’t caught this one on TV as much as the others. This had so much in it- so much of their reliance on each other and so much Moxie of each character. The first one was great because it had so much reminiscence. The second one was good, though I always get upset with Kahn. 

But this one could be the best. Now I am even more sorry they didn’t make another one.

Other things, I noticed in the credits that Simon Pegg (Scotty) with some name I didn’t know wrote this. I was impressed. Of course the downer to a great feeling was when the they showed in Memory of Leonard Nimoy and a moment saying Anton but I don’t remember the word they had. I know they died but I forgot it was so close to the release of his one.

Well, that's really all folks.

Until we watch them again anyway. 
Likely that will be once we finish watching several seasons of the Third Doctor

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