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The Triumphant Return of Grandma Treks- The Movies

Can't have "Treklets" without the follow up "Grandma Treks."

Because geekiness is and always has been a multi-generational trait in my family.
And we're darn proud. I can never thank my Mom and Dad enough for so many things, but one of them is introducing me to so many fun and cool fandoms at a young age.

Here’s Grandma’s responses to the family riffing comments, and a brief reaction to each original crew film when she was inspired to watch them again while making Christmas cookies.

SOUNDS WONDERFUL!  To quote Arte Johnson  “ VERRRRY INTERESTING!. It is the first thing I thought of when I finished this Blog. I love your logic and her attitude. I also love her “Besties”  conjecture.

One more love is the Bonus -  Very great  tidbit about DeForest Kelley. It made me like him even more than I did  before.
Next - As soon as I read the bit about Kirk putting his hand on someone’s shoulder,  it was like a  lightbulb went on. I said “Oh Yeah, he does do that doesn’t he!”  I can’t wait for them to begin.

The Movie
That was really good.  I do love Anabelle’s comments. I couldn’t remember who played Commander Decker for a long while. I knew that William Windom played the Father Decker.  When Spock came on board, I could visualize young Decker immediately. It surprised me. I guess latent memories are always with you.  As much as I loved seeing everyone, like you did and Dad did, I have to agree with Anabelle a little... It did have a somewhat long feeling when we watched it. What you did with the whole dialogue like you said was perfect for everyone who loves the original Star Trek. It certainly brought back a lot of memories.
Anabelle is so cute cheering for her Besties. Finally, your ending is so perfect with Kim’s story. OXZ

“The first movie made me happy. I loved looking at the slow show of the Enterprise. I knew what was coming so I didn’t get impatient. I just basked in it.”

Khan Uck.
 I absolutely am with Anabelle & Rosa about the part of the slug going into Chekov's  ear. Actually, except for the first time in the movie  theater where everyone went AAAAH!, I close my eyes at the at part every time.
This gave me a big laugh  “Star Trek 2.5 “The Search for Corn”
Anabelle is right. I love McCoy’s rants also.
Just anticipating the death of Spock while reading made me weepy and then reading it   I had tears in my eyes’ Actually any time this movie comes up I get teary.  OKAY you will have to lending me all the movies when you finish with them. It is too good to read about them and not see them. OXZ

"The second movie still made me look away at the crawly things goin in their ears, but again I was very happy, except when I cried when Spock died."

Spock is Dead Lets Go Find His Body
This movie write up was long but so necessary. It was delightful and entertaining for just it’s perfect explanation of everything that happened. Then you gave it the added attraction of You & Rosa & Anabelle with the comments. I truly, deeply enjoyed this one immensely..
Anabelle’s retorts to  Kirk’s Personal Log is really funny. You two could really do Mystery Science Theater.
 Anabelle’s “Cheers Wildly “ is exactly how I felt at that moment, every time I saw it.
I felt the exact opposite of Anabelle when David dies. Probably because he was Kirk’s son. I felt for Kirk. I was hoping for them to kill Saavik.
Tell Anabelle that “Fruitier than a nut cake”  is the reverse of a very old saying. “nuttier than a fruit cake” OXZ  [Jeff- Anabelle knows this, she just thought it was weird he said it at all.]

"Then I saw the third movie. I was still rolling and baking. But I stopped baking because doing both was interfering with the movie."

 This was my favorite movie and reading it was  wonderful. 
Yours & Anabelle’s & Rosa’s comments made it so much better.

I don’t have much to say because  Mostly I just sat there enchanted that I could relive it and enjoy  their reactions.
There is just one comment I have to make - 
I LOVE THIS. It is truly Funny for this series. OXZ
Anabelle- “Yeah it went:
Star Trek- Boring,
Star Trek- Sad,
Star Trek- Also Sad,

“I did finish the cookies but just left them on the table so I could see the Fourth movie. How I love it. How good it makes me feel from beginning to end.”

This One Doesn’t Exist
There are things I don’t like in this movie. But I really did like the whole camping part.  Anabelle was very amusing. This was a movie that confused me a lot. BUT it was STAR TREK with all my friends. So it couldn’t have been even half bad as far as I’m concerned. It just wasn’t as great as the Whales. OXZ.
[Jeff Comment- I think this one is like the first movie in terms of time away from other Star Treks. When it was the only new Star Trek in a couple of years, it was easy to focus on the positives, but watching them all in a row, the quality drop is more evident.]

"I remembered the campfire at the beginning. I like that part it makes them seem like normal people. I didn't remember much of the rest. I remembered as it went not liking Sybok (but I like the actor in other things) and thinking the find God story was stupid. But there were some good moments."

The Last One, Whew!
I remember this one the least. But I got with it as it went on. I do like Anabelle’s comments. They are all very entertaining. It was a very good trip down memory lane with all of these. In my head I always see glimpses of each movie when something comes up or even when I see something like Whales or some oddities. Thanks for this one and all the rest. OXZ

“Forgot to tell you I saw it last night. Like 5 there were lots of parts that were not so familiar. And there were some that were very familiar. The saddest part was it was the last one.”

Wow that was a ride. Not just getting to remember the movie but Anabelle is adorable about loving everything. I guess that is what I can say about the old Star Trek, like she does about the new one. I did love all of them and all the actors and all the movies. However, I did really like (maybe love) the new Star Treks. I think they did such a good job they made us old people see the other show as we watched the new guys. The actors were all really good. I did like all the choices for each character. Rosa is right whenever I see Anton Yelchin, I get sad. It kind of takes away from the movie.

Into Darkness
This one was very good. I liked the Kahn story in this one better than the one in the original.  I actually hated Ricardo Montalban‘s Kahn as much as I loved Ricardo Montalban in other things especially Fantasy Island. Benedict Cumberbatch was an off Khan, and a different kind of bad.
I’m not sure if what I just wrote even makes sense. I’ll leave that to you to figure out.
[Jeff comment- I understood what she meant immediately. My whole family talks and thinks this way. We’re a fun bunch.]
I did feel very bad when I read about Kirk’s death because I didn’t remember it. I guess I just locked that out of my mind. I remember the chase and fight with Spock but did not remember until Uhura says don’t kill him. Then it all came back. Interesting how my mind works.
All in All I did enjoy this write up as much as the others, “Listening” to Anabelle and Rosa always makes it more enjoyable.
Getting all your information is also enjoyable. OXZ

I read this all and can’t really remember the movie at all. I guess I didn’t see it many times.  I just can’t get my head around it but I did enjoy all of Anabelle’s & Rosa’s comments. It made it much funnier. Guess I’ll have to watch all three of these. OXZ
[Jeff comment- Maybe there will be a follow up after all?]

Well, that's the end of another family foray into Star Trek.
Hope the ride was fun.
Once again, thanks to Chrissie's Transcripts for having all of the Star Trek scripts.
Live long and prosper.


Anabelle said...

i didn't finish reading yet but "I was hoping for them to kill Saavik" TOOK ME OUT LOL

i mean after the pon farr thing i'm on board tbh

Anabelle said...

ok done now

hooray star trek

(I didn't have anything else to say but wanted to be consistent with my two comments)

Jeff McGinley said...

Well I guess you both agree on some Star Trek things, even for oddly varying reasons.

Hooray indeed. and hooray for respecting an existing pattern. Another mark of knowledge of comedy.
Thanx for the ride kiddo