Thursday, October 11, 2018

Mr. Bemis’s Happy Ending

Venom came out, but with a sinus infection, band performance and a homecoming dance we didn't have time to see it.
I know…priorities.

And there’s a new Doctor. She’s British, she’s fun, she's commanding, and she’s mad, I"m still sure she'll be fine.  But, since we’re starting at the beginning to step by step new viewers in again, I’d really like to see another outing or two where she’s settled in before posting all my thoughts.

I have been watching the Twilight Zone however…

Monday, October 8, 2018

Facebook Film Foolishness Part 1

My friend Jeff on Facebook nominated me for a 10-day movie challenge.

The rules were: Post an image, no explanation (which could have killed me), from 10 movies (and only ten which also could have killed me) that had an impact on me.

Because I love films far more than I hate chain letter type things, I actually did this one, but nominated anyone who wanted to do this and hadn’t been challenged yet instead of putting someone on the spot.

Because after a month of trying to reduce the list it remained in the high twenties, I had to invent my own extra rules.

Here, then, are ten films that had an impact on me…
And I can vividly remember the effect of the first time I saw them…
And I haven’t blogged about that experience already…
And I could miss the beginning on the first viewing but not the end…
And they went on to become “part of me.”