Monday, February 27, 2012

Top Ten Signs Work Stress may be Peaking

…which may or may not have happened to me lately.
A typical day at the office.

Brewing the morning coffee directly into the morning oatmeal.

Instead of a professional greeting, phone calls from vendors answered with, “WHAT NOW!?”

The only ways to possibly tidy the cubicle involve either a leaf blower or flame thrower.

Working on a document and noticing the spell checker underlined every single word in the last two full paragraphs.

The following phrase not only mentally forms, but is said out loud, “Thank God I need those dental inlays so I can leave work an hour early.”

In a display of skill and speed the driver side headlight bulb is changed after work and before dinner.  It is done so quickly and efficiently that there is time to also change the passenger side bulb before dinner…you know, the one that was really out in the first place.

The bread is in the fridge and the cold cuts are in the bread box…again.

After staring at the coffee maker far longer than it should take, the realization dawns that it will not print the document.

Regularly forgetting the reason for entering a room…including the bathroom.

Falling back on top ten lists for blog entries instead of actual content.


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Jeff McGinley said...

Thank you. And all it required was the loss of several million brain cells.