Thursday, March 1, 2012

That’s A Moray

Last night I attended a séance. 

The medium asked who should be channeled, and at the same time two people called out:


“Jacques Cousteau”. 

The result was the following song.

Would you believe . . . this is the title song from the upcoming direct to video release of “The Little Mermaid in Little Italy”?

Would you believe . . . I just need a heck of a lot more sleep? 

Don’t forget to pronounce “horror” with a Bronx accent or the rhyme won’t work…
Technically, “or the rhyme won’t work as well as any of my rhymes normally do,” anyway.

 (Parody of That’s Amore by Harry Warren and Jack Brooks)

 (Under the sea, where coral clings, when currents swirl, they feed all day)

When a fish in the sea takes a bite of your knee, that’s a moray.

When a big scaly eel mistakes you for scungilli, that’s a moray.

Jaws will cling, cling-a-ling a-ling, cling- a-ling a-ling, and you’ll scream out in horror.

Blood will spray, drippy dippy day, drippy dippy day like the sauce marinara.

When those teeth, sharp and cruel make you yell ah fongool, that’s a moray.

When the taste of your sole is like veal pizzaiola, to its tongue . . .

It’s the beast, from The Deep, that attacked Ms. Bisset and Nick Nolte.

Scuzze me, but you see, that eel chewing on thee, that’s a moray.

Lyrics repeated by bubbling voiced mermaids swimming around Dino who occasionally joins in on “That’s A Moray”  as he manages to sip his drink under water…

Because he is that cool. 

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