Thursday, September 27, 2012

Here Comes October

Many years ago, someone mentioned to the cafeteria staff that I might be the one to contact for a rhyme to go along with their “Guess the amount of Candy Corn in the Jar” contest.

They ended up using one of these…
I don’t remember which, although I’m pretty sure of one they didn’t pick.

This jar does have candy within,
Guess how much and the lot you will win.
But make sure in the end
To share with some friends
For if not you will be less than thin.

Here sits a jar filled with of corn made of candy,
It tastes really sweet, and smells just as dandy.

If you guess just how much is contained in this place,
You can bring it all home, and shove it in your face.

The best guess will win this jar of candy corn.
The rest of the folks will be sad and forlorn.

But make sure you brush, if you’ve picked the right number,
Or your teeth will all rot, like some termite filled lumber.

Guess at the number of sweets in this jar.
The closest one brings it right home in their car.

But don’t leave it sitting, exposed to the heat,
Or they will all melt, and stick fast to the seat.

Look hard at the inside of this little jar
And then take a stab at how many there are.

If your guess is right, you win this candy corn.
And it’s totally free, just like internet porn.

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