Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sometimes, I remember...

Sometimes, I forget that I usually really like my job.

Other times, despite the normal levels of chaos and screaming, I remember.

This parody of Billy Joel's "Still Rock N' Roll to Me" was written in one of those latter times.


What's the matter with the job I’m doing?
Someone help and give me a clue
Maybe I should work for Ron McDonalds
Or find somthin’easier to do,
But I like to try to make a new de-sign
“Ain’t no way it works” You hear nay sayer’s whi-ine
Everybody's talkin' 'bout a new job
oh fine, but it's still R&D for  me

What's the matter with the test I’m running?
Can't you see that it takes a year
Need results for a meeting to-morrow
We build “at risk” again. once more, I fear
Must run more samples to please quality assurance
I’d try consultin’ but I’d lose my insurance
New test, no rest, all messed, really stressed
It's still R&D for me

Oh, it doesn't matter if you publish some papers
'Cause nobody will know what they mean.
If you write it all down
You still won’t get renown, from a patent that will never be seen...
Hidden In tech’ magazines

Manufact’tring never likes our changes
Know they won’t work in the way we say
Or-gan-I-zation always re arranges
Just depending on the time of day.
Finance wants to cut a chunk from our budget
The data’s bad, Legal says we can’t fudge it
Timeline shrunk, parts junk, project’s gonna get sunk
It's still R&D for me

What's the matter with the guys in mar-kit-ing?
Making promises we never can keep
The sales force all say “we need those features”
Well I guess I won’t be getting much sleep
Cor-por-ate  tries to really overwork us
One more disaster, I will go join the circus
No time to play, long day, good pay, o k
It's still R & D for me

Everybody’s walkin’ so I must be
funny, ‘cause it's still R&D for  me


Kim Luer said...


I totally love this one!

Jeff McGinley said...

Thank you! This one was fun to do, and I think my first engineering song not specific to my job.