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Treklets Season 1.6

Space Seed - Mom Title: "Khan"

On diversity:
“Spock is only alien on the whole ship?”

On Bones asking, “Do I have a choice” about landing party duty:
“I like him.”

On cryogenic space travel:
“Like they used in Planet of the Apesexcept here it worked.”

On Spock saying he is not capable of irritation:

On how the language hasn’t changed in hundreds of years:
“It’s weird how they use all the same words in the future.”
Me- “So we understand them.”
Kahn- “English I thought I dreamed hearing it.”
Me- “See?”

On Starfleet security:
“Don’t beam him on to the ship!”
“Any patient can see blueprints and tech manuals? Kirk thought he was a prisoner!”

On Kahn’s overtures to Lieutenant McGivers:
“He’s doing her hair?”
“It was ugly…but it looks the same now that he’s done anyway.”
“She has issues.”

On Kirk’s commendation speech before passing out:
“Yeah! Take responsibility this is all your fault.”

On Kirk in the Decon chamber:
“Is he pooping in there?”

On Kahn crushing a phaser:
“Whoah! Its smooshed!  It was probably just plastic but still.”

On yet another fight in engineering:
“Why didn’t they use the thing Kirk hit him with when anyone else was there?”

On dropping all charges against Kahn:

On the movie that follows this episode:
“Does the same actor come back?”
Me – “Yes”

On Kirk knowing the Milton quote:
“Of course he knows. Kirk read everything. He was a nerd until that flashy light chair thing.”

A Taste of Armageddon- Mom Title: "Computer War"

On logging:
“He’s not even talking this time. It is all in his head. 
Maybe the ship crashed on Talos IV and only Kirk survived.”

On Ambassador Fox’s introduction:
“He’s a butt.”

On any time Scotty being in charge is referenced, he did something clever, or blew off Fox:
[Kirk earned quite a few in this one as well.]

On female Eminiar 7 outfits:
“I like the toga thing with yoga leggings.”

On male Eminiar 7 outfits (top half):
“Is that a Klingon uniform?”

On male Eminiar 7 outfits (bottom half):
My wife- “Is that the official half wedgie uniform?”

On mind melding through the wall:
“Wow, the writers had no other ideas?
Why didn’t Spock just push through the Styrofoam wall and grab him?”

On Ambassador Fox being told nothing could be done about his impending execution:
“HA HA!”

On Scotty’s evaluation of the situation, “The haggis in is the fire now!”:
*laughs, falls off couch, rolls around a bit, pauses playback to run to bathroom still laughing hysterically*

On Kirk saying he didn’t know his plan would work:
“Oh yes he did.  He’s the Captain.”

This Side of Paradise - Mom Title: "Spock Climbs a Tree For Jill Ireland"

On the appearance of Omicron Ceti III (or any planet in most episodes):
“It’s Earth again.”

ON DeSalle’s return:
“Yay!  Wait, why are they asking him about the botany report instead of Sulu?”

On Leila having met Spock before:
“What?  When?  Once upon a dream?”

On Sulu saying he wouldn’t recognize danger two feet from him, when the spore plant is two feet from him:
“Nice one, writers.”
After being sprayed:
“It’s always Sulu.”

On having vague memories of these from when she was younger:
“When does Spock hang in the tree?”- repeated endlessly until it happened.

On the plants reportedly having microscopic spores:
“Uh, no. They spit out giant confetti.”

On Jim alone on the Enterprise:
“Awwwww.  Yup, he’s still recording.”

On why the spores didn’t affect Kirk’s drive:
“He’s awesome.”

On Spock’s superhuman strength:
“Lord have mercy!  AAAAAAHHH!!!”

On Spock telling Leila she couldn’t pronounce his other name:
“I bet its Phil. Phil Spock.”

On McCoy saying it was the second time they were thrown out of paradise:
“Does he mean ‘Shore Leave’?”
Me – “No Genesis…the Bible.”
“Oh yeah.”

On Spock having the final line:
“They end with him a lot. He must be their favorite.”

 The Devil in the Dark - Mom Title: "Horta"

On the gorgeous Matte shot of the mining facility:
“Hello, painting!”

On the combination of the Enterprise crew’s and miner’s uniforms:
*intense discussion between my wife and daughter whether they all look more like the Wiggles or the Imagination Movers.”

On Scotty being awesome, again:

On anyone saying “Phaser Number Two”:
“Hee hee, it sounds funny.”

On the nodules:
“Those are important. Are they eggs?  That would be cool.”

On the Horta’s appearance:
“AAAAAAH!!   That’s the most disturbing thing I’ve ever seen, or at least one of them.”
“It has tentacles too! Ick!”

On the Kirk Spock relationship after the roof caves in on the Captain:
Spock- “Captain? Are you all right”
My wife *imitating the Vulcan*   - “JIM!”
Spock- “Jim? Jim!”
“Nice call, Mami.”

On why no acid comes off the section they phaser off:
“Styrofoam doesn’t secrete.”

On Spock switching from his initial stance to telling Jim, “Kill it.”:
“What?!?  Emotions maybe?” *singing* “I got a feeling… ooooh.”

On Kirk expressing the need for the return of the retardation mechanism:
“Retard mechanism???” *falls off couch again*

On the Horta’s life cycle, based on the entire race dying out every 50,000 years:
“That's…kinda weird.”

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