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Treklets Season 1.7

Errand of Mercy - Mom Title: "Klingons and Organians"

On the musical scare chord in the pre credits scene:
“I don’t know what Code One is, but it’s dramatic.”

On the appearance of Organia:
“It looks like Mesopotamia.”

On Trefane’s uncanny ability to know the future:
“He is a computer.”

On the initial appearance of aliens she mostly knows from the films:
“Those are Klingons? Ewww.”

On Kor looking more like she expected:
“Oh, there’s a Klingon. His eyebrows are scary, though.”

On Ayleborne’s enormous seat:
“Because he's the CHAIR-man.”

On Kor’s unique pronunciation of “Veg-et-a-ble.”
“Hee hee- ve-ge-ta-ble *burst of laughter*
Note- All three times he said it.

On Kirk telling Kor, “We’re nothing like you.”
“You are EVERYTHING like them."

On reuse of sets between shows:
“Isn’t that the same prison as Landru put them in?”

On the reaction, or lack thereof, to the death of two hundred Organians:
“Nothing has changed? Really?!?!”

On the Organians showing their true abilities and stopping the fight:
*long bout of confusion* “How did they do that?”
"What?" [Many times]
“Oh, they’re actually freakishly developed.”

On Kor, claiming the war, “Would have been glorious.”:
“I liked him. He's a fun guy.”

The Alternative Factor - Mom Title: "Pair of Lazarus"

On the opening negative flashes, and the Captain’s demanding an explanation:
“Aaggh, what’s happening?  Why is Kirk mad at Spock, he didn’t do it?”

On the landing site:
“Ooh! It’s the Gorn Rocks again…or really, the everything in Star Trek rocks.”

On Lazarus’ ship:
“It looks like the Jetsons.”

On the message from the Commodore:
“Hey, you can see the shadow of the cameraman!”
(Good eye kid, I never noticed that. Now I can’t unsee it.)

On evacuating everyone within a hundred parsecs:
“Parsecs?  Aren’t they from Star Wars?”
Me- *long sigh and explanation*

On Lazarus’ seizure/freak out/ flailing around:
“I’m so in awe of his performance”* visibly dripping sarcasm*
“And I’m so confused.”

On Kirk doubting McCoy when the medical condition varies between the two Lazaruses:
“Why doesn’t he believe Bones? There’s been two of him before…twice!”

On Lazarus’ wardrobe:
“Bad actor, but really nice, shiny jacket.”

On plot holes:
“How does Lazarus know how to work the transporter?”

On him being trapped forever, at each others throats:
Lazarus- “Is it such a large price to pay…”
Lazarus- “for the safety of two universes?”
“Oh…no I guess not.”

On Kirk leaving the dilithuim in the other universe:
“Hey, doesn’t the Enterprise need those crystals?”

The City on the Edge of Forever - Mom Title: "Joan Collins- Pacifist"

On the Doctor’s medical kit:
“Bones carries risky stuff around with him all the time?”

On Kirk calling a Security Alert after the whole ship shakes and the helm explodes:
“No duh!!”

On the Guardian’s introduction:
Guardian- “A question. Since before your sun burned hot in space and before your race was born, I have awaited a question.”
“The ultimate question… of life the universe and everything.”
(That’s my girl)

On the nature of the Guardian:
Kirk – “Are you machine or being?”
“Both!!! Neither!!!”
Guardian- “I am both and neither. I am my own beginning, my own ending.”
“HA!  Nailed it!”

On easy access to time travel:
“Nobody realized changing the past is a horrible idea?”

On McCoy’s medical condition:
“He looks like the elephant on Rudolph’s island of Misfit Toys.”

On the episode that consistently (but not by me) is chosen at the top of Greatest Episodes of all Time:
“There’s no aliens or anything in this one. Just boring old humans, and it’s depressing. I don’t like it.”

Operation: Annihilate! - Mom Title: "Flappy Jell-O Things" 

On Kirk snapping at his communications officer when his sister in law stops transmitting:
“Harsh, maybe? He’s all mad at Uhura because his family is being annoying.”

On Kirk telling Bones he identified Aurelian correctly “a while back”:
“A while back? That was like a minute ago.”

On shooting at the Space and Defense Park:
“They landed at the MOMA?”

On not recognizing William Shatner playing Jim’s brother:
“I only saw the mustache, I didn’t see him.”

On Aurelian’s death:
“I guess we won’t be seeing more of her. Now Kirk can have her eyeliner.”

On the neural parasites:
“Ew, Oh my God. Yuck.”

On Yeoman Zahara’s comment on the parasite after it’s shot:
Zahara- “Captain, it doesn’t even look real.”
“I know, right?”
“I like her we should keep her around…”
“What’s her name? I’m calling her Phillis.”
*another parasite flies in*
“That doesn’t look real either. Attack of the man eating ravioli.”

On McCoy calling Jim out that he’s more worried about friends and family than others:
Bones- “Jim, aren't you forgetting something? There are over a million colonists on that planet down there, just as much your responsibility. They need your help, too.”
“Oh yeah. I forgot the colonists too!”

On the ease of using the stunt doubles of the main cast as characters, over and over again:
“Why is Leslie always there?  And always getting hurt.”

On noticing how phasers and communicators are carried for the first time:
“Oh, they clip on their belts. That’s really convenient. I thought they had a bunch of pockets.”

On all victims being controlled and connected:
“Another hive mind? Is it Landru again?”

On light affecting them:
“They’re vampire man eating ravioli?”

ON McCoy getting the results telling him he didn’t have to seconds after blinding Spock:
“Good job rushing there, Jim.”

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