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Treklets Season 1.5

Arena - Mom Title: "Gorn"

On the discovery that Cestus Three has been destroyed:
“That sucks.”

On the initial use of Photon Torpedoes:

On the Enterprise passing the maximum safe cruising speed of Warp 6:
“Warp 7?!?! Wahahahaha!  Not Warp 8!
Oh, I guess so. Ooh, they blew a fuse.”

On the Metron warning buoy:
“That’s cool, it looks like a hippie music James Bond opening.”

On the close up surprise reveal of the Gorn:
“That is the most terrifying thing I’ve ever seen.”

On the longer, full body reveal of the Gorn:
“Or…not.  He looks like Godzilla, but little.”
Later after she hears him threaten and plan a bit:
“The Gorn is cool.”

On Kirk revealing all of his plans by transmitting to the Gorn:
“How is he logging, he’s not using the device?” 
“Now he is.  They told him it was a translator and transmitter too; did he hit the wrong button?”
“Kirk is dumb. He’s losing a little awesome in this one.”

On the crew watching the Captain:
“They’re watching Star Trek again.  That happens a lot.”

On Kirk’s discoveries:
“Oooh! Diamonds!” 
“What is he making a bazooka? Ha Ha!”

On Spock’s realization:
Spock- “He knows”
“What? What does he know?”

On the finished science project:
“I was right?  Really?  A bamboozooka?”

On the Metron’s appearance:
“He’s horrifying.  A Greek god meets bad hair day meets beauty pageant, and shiny.”

Tomorrow Is Yesterday - Mom Title: "Captain Kirk Meets Officer Kirk in the Past"

On bridge relationships:
“Spock got all snippy when Christopher talked to Uhura.”

On Sulu’s neck chop:
“What the heck was that?”

On using time travel to return them before the event happened so they wouldn’t remember it:
*shrugs- shakes head*
While my wife asked,
“Why didn’t Spock mind meld them to forget?”

On the overall episode:
“I didn’t really like it, it’s kinda boring.”
Time travel appears to be too much of a common place thing in our home.

Court Martial - Mom Title: "Kirk's Trial"

On the biggest unasked question for this story:
“Why do they have part of the ship than needs ejecting?”

On knowing story structure better than legal proceedings:
“She’s going to be the lawyer against him.”
“What’s a prosecuting attorney?”

On Samuel T. Cogley, as soon as he finished his book speech:
“I like him.”

On the first female dress uniform:
“Her dress is long.  Y’know, for Star Trek.”

On Spock’s “the Captain is incapable of that” speech:
“Woo!  Preach!  I like him!”

On Cogley asking no cross examination questions:
“He’s not really a good lawyer… as of now.  Oz (our cousin the lawyer) would be annoyed.”

On the playback of the event:
“They have a camera that tracks their every move?  
Didn’t they say they didn’t have those in the episode with the butt head people?”

On Cogley’s rousing anti-computer speech:
“Now he’s mad!  Woo! Preach!  YAY!” *much applause*

On the revelation the records officer could have altered the computer:
“Oooooooh!  He’s alive!?  I did not see that coming.”

On using McCoy’s device to amply heartbeats to one to the power or four:
“Um…that’s …that’s one.”
“That’s a microphone”
My wife- “Maybe he’s setting the microphone on reverse to find them?”
“He missed Spock’s heart. We’re just hearing his now.”

On Finney insanely trying to kill everyone, and the court refusing to leave:
“Talk about burning bridges. That guy has issues.”
“What?  We could all die, but at least we’ll reach a verdict?”

On Uhura taking the navigation station:
“Yay!  Spock is staring at her again.”

On the Kirk/ Areel kiss on the bridge:
“She almost ruined you! What the heck?”

The Return of the Archons - Mom Title: "Landru"

On the helmsman getting mind controlled:
“Why is it always Sulu?”

On similar franchises:
“This is like the Twilight Zone.”
(I’m so proud)

On the crew’s disguises:
“Why didn’t Spock just wear a hat?  He looks like a nun. Sister Spock.”

On the red hour:
“A whole hour like that?  MORE??  Good God, what is Sulu doing on the ship?

On the Lawgiver’s staff being an empty tube:
“I called it!  I was kidding, but I still called it.”

On Beta III being called a “world without hate and fear:”
“Except for that festival thing.”

On Kirk’s logging:
“How can he say that? He’s not there…and unconscious.”

On the reuse of sets:
“That’s the same room they were just in.”

On Landru’s appearance:
“He looks like the Ghostbusters II guy.”

On Spock with the head cover off:
“He looks cool in a suit”
Me- “Wait till next season.”

On psychological horror compared to monster movies:
“There were no creatures or effects and this one was terrifying!”

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